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Happy Birthday Craig Silverman, “Meaningful Relationships”

Posted on September 23, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc.

My friend Craig can sing (after midnight belting out tunes as JD played drums in the basement at Recruitfest), he can dance and above all he is a great speaker:

Our friend Craig Silverman, Executive Vice President at presenting at the morning session on the topic of “Meaningful Connection”s at the TalUncon event, compliments of Sean Rehder & Talent Logistics, Youtube channel, Peoplestock:

Readers of will recall my in-depth interview of Craig Silverman, “MEET CRAIG SILVERMAN, HireAbility’s Evangelist for Recruitment Partnerships” last December.

What Is HireAbility?:

Today, Craig is building a global network of HR & Staffing Professionals, Independent Recruiters, Corporate Recruiters, Contract Recruiters, Executive Search Consultants and established Staffing Agencies and we know his creation as something catchy and effective, he calls it … HireAbility. See for more info.

It’s about building Partnerships among fellow recruitment professionals. HireAbility is a firm believer in the philosophy that two heads are better than one.

HireAbility members focus on recruiting for direct-hire and contract positions in all major niche staffing markets and geographies. The Salem NH-based recruiting services company teams with several other companies that are both in and outside the staffing industry but for the Independent Agent, Virtual Recruiter, and Corporate Recruiter it’s the OneStop platform of programs, Recruiting (Split) Exchange, Applicant Tracking Systems and Resume Parsing Technology that gives advantage within alliances, a pact among fellow professionals analogous to a GPS for talent with colleagues working together to point the way.

NOTE: I highly recommend connecting directly with Craig Silverman on Linkedin, simply click here and insert his email:

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