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Creating the Right Environment for Success within Your Company

Posted on August 11, 2015
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The ethos of your business and the working environment your personnel work within has a huge impact on how fast your firm will grow. Creating the right work environment helps people to work with each other to achieve the goals of your company. When they work together as a cohesive team, they naturally work more efficiently and are happier and therefore more likely to stay with your firm.

Now that is not exactly a revelation. It is fairly obvious that this way of working is beneficial. Yet despite this, it is still not unusual to go into firms and find that an atmosphere of competitiveness and, sometimes, outright hostility exists between different teams. It leaves people working against each other rather than with each other and can create an adversarial work environment.

Out with the old ways

You still find firms where different departments and divisions that are solely focused on achieving their goals. In some firms, department heads are not worried if another area of the business suffers because of the way they work as long as they achieve their targets.

Sometimes, there is an almost combative relationship between departments, with one area of the business believing they are more important than the rest. There is a lack of cohesiveness within the business with people effectively pulling in different directions, and, therefore, working against each other.

Changing the work environment

This clearly is not the best way to run a business, so more and more firms are rejecting this way of working and changing the work environment. They are pulling everyone together into a single and effective team and doing away with some of the old norms, and start that process by doing the following.

A shared purpose values and trust

An important step is to clearly define the purpose of the business and make sure that everyone understands how what he or she does contributes to that goal. Departmental and divisional goals and targets are always secondary to the overall purpose of the firm. However, because all internal goals are geared towards the firm’s primary purpose there is no conflict and both sets of goals can be achieved. It means that people can see themselves as part of one big team rather than just a member of a departmental or divisional team.

Shared values and trust establish the correct work environment. They provide checks and balances that govern behavior and keep the workplace harmonious as well as achieving the company’s overall goals.

Leadership development

The only way to ensure that a firm can become better connected internally and work as a single unit towards a common goal is to provide strong leadership. For this reason, good executive leadership development is essential. The executives in the company need strong leadership skills to enable them to lead by example and keep their teams moving in the desired direction.

Strong systems and processes

Putting in place and using strong systems and processes makes it clear what has to be done at every stage. They allow progress to be properly monitored and provide a way of ensuring that goals are being met at all times. If everyone in the business meets their goals and does, what they should on time and to the right standard, the net result is better productivity and a better service.

Of course, there is far more involved in creating the best work environment, but above we have highlighted the three main components.



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