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David Perry Presents Today, “3 Things Job Seekers Are Doing Wrong: FREE Help For The Job Market”

Posted on September 12, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth Consultant, A JobMachine Inc. Affiliate Partner

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Because of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, a growing number of mortgage and finance professionals are hitting the streets, looking for jobs. Yet, these layoff victims largely lack the most important career skill of all: How to market themselves.

“The moves most mortgage and financial professionals have made to advance their careers to this point are probably exactly the wrong things they should do to find work in the current job market,” cautions recruiting professional David Perry, managing director of Perry-Martel International.

Here are 3 typical wrong moves most mortgage/finance job seekers are making now:
• Networking with colleagues
• Searching on
• Reading help wanted ads in the newspaper

None of these techniques address the real problems in finding a job today, according to Perry and job-search expert, Kevin Donlin, President of Guaranteed Résumés.

During the FREE webinar, mortgage professionals will learn how to:
• Google for the best jobs
• Craft a compelling resume that cuts through the clutter
• Apply “job search judo” techniques in the interview
• Get more job leads using Social Networking tools like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo

“In today’s job market, if you don’t actively sell yourself to employers, you don’t eat,” says Donlin. “Odds are you’ve never thought of yourself as a product that must be sold, like a vacuum cleaner or a set of snow tires. Good news: You’re not alone. Bad news: You’re part of a whole generation of people who don’t know how to ferret out career opportunities.”

“To get noticed and get hired, you must get inside the head of your future employer and do a rain dance. Specifically, you must show that you can make it rain profits,” urges Perry. “How? You match employers’ needs to your detailed achievements. By detailed I mean exact dollars, percentages and numbers. It’s that simple. And that difficult. Because 90% of job seekers — even those in the financial sector — have never been trained to understand their true, value at work.”

I encourage job seekers and those interested in the power of personal branding to review David Perry’s various links provided. I can speak on a personal level that I have long admired David Perry’s contributions to the recruitment industry, and my Linkedin endorsement speaks loudly to that effect:

“David Perry is renown as a respected thought leader, published author, and recruitment blogger. He speaks with the credibility of being a Big Biller, and as an evangelist for the methods and technologies we foresee as encompassing Recruitment 2.0 I have blog linked, emailed, and had the pleasure of meeting with Dave and breaking bread at industry events. Within each venue, he has made a lasting impression as a formidable industry leader. I am now glad to call him my friend.” Dave Mendoza, May 14, 2007

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