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DELL COMPUTERS TA ACADEMY – A Commitment To Recruiting Excellence

Posted on December 7, 2006
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By Dave Mendoza, Partner, Master Cybersleuth
JobMachine, Inc.

This past week, I had the honor and privilege to meet Dell’s impressive talent organization in Round Rock, Texas as a Presenter/Trainer at Dell’s Talent Acquisition Academy. I observed a revolutionary concept, first-hand, – a three day internal corporate conference to train, inform and invigorate a Fortune 100 company’s talent organization.

Dell calls it’s effort: “Talent Acquisition 2.0”

The event was an impressive display of commitment in it’s recruitment teams with a cadre of impressive speakers on cutting edge topics effecting the recruitment industry.

The conference provided a solid foundation of information, ideas, and professional resources. Courses were prepared for its talent acquisition teams based upon their feedback from previous TA Academy sessions. The conference included sessions on Advanced Sourcing Methodologies and Techniques by yours truly on behalf of JobMachine, Inc., in addition to Careers Direct Training, legal, and compensation areas of specialization, and networking. They developed an excellent lineup of speakers who presented information on skill building and trends in recruiting. Moreover, the events provided a unique opportunity to meet fellow team members from across the US and other regions.

I instructed Dell recruiters on the following Advanced sourcing topics:

LinkedIn Networking for Passive Talent
Advanced Boolean Techniques
Search Engine Field Commands – The Fantastic Four
International Sourcing techniques
Referral Programs
People Finders
List servers, Groups
Blogging for Talent

I commend the leadership of Elsa Zambrano, TA Senior Manager of Corporate Services and Global Center of Competence, and Philippe Montillet, TA Project Manager, for putting together a seamless forum for ideas and camaraderie among a diverse audience of corporate recruiters. I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge Philippe’s passion for the ideas offered by this event. He initiated the invitation several months ago and was adept at coordinating a monumental task. I was impressed with each tier of leadership, from Elsa and Philippe, to Staffing Managers such as Kim Rutledge, Matt Henson, Jim_Cochrun and their recruitment teams, in addition to John Termotto, who recently joined Dell from his prior leadership at AMD. The quality of the leadership at Dell was evident in the quality of students I trained on behalf of JobMachine, Inc.

As Dell Talent Acquisition 2.0 unfolds, they have undertaken the goal to transform their talent organization into a recognized leader in the recruitment industry. Having met their leadership and impressive team of recruiters and training them firsthand, I am confident they will take the lessons learned from this TA Academy Conference and bring them to life in their daily work.

Sincerely stated, Dell has learned to adjust, absorb, and refine its talent strategies to develop a truly world class talent organization by investing in its recruiters. I hope other global corporations pay attention to what Dell has initiated and that the effort becomes a trend throughout the industry.

Imagine that, a company that invests in its people, what a concept we can all smile about! Simply stated, Dell dares to be different and its a heartening experience to observe the transition first hand with so many talented individuals passionate about their company and their skill sets.

For skeptical multi-national corporations who still treat recruitment as the little brother of HR, take note of the numbers at Dell:

To date, the TA team has done a truly extraordinary job – bringing into the company more than 30,000 hires. In fact, in the third quarter alone the US team has hired more than 3,600 employees. But it’s more than just numbers at Dell. They have established a sustainable hiring process that allows the company to bring in not only an impressive number of employees, but also remarkable talent.

Shally and I look forward to new faces and the same passion at other forward looking corporations who share the same commitment on behalf of its recruitment organization.

I look forward to your emails to set up a conference call to schedule your recruitment organization’s training experience, globally, with JobMachine, Inc. Call us at (720) 733-2022


9 Responses to “DELL COMPUTERS TA ACADEMY – A Commitment To Recruiting Excellence”

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  2. Kelly on December 11th, 2006 1:55 pm

    As part of the Dell TA organization, I was impressed with the information Dave shared with our group. An understanding of, and ability to navigate through, the various resources available to us is critical in the ever-evolving world of recruiting. Thanks Dave!

    Kelly Boatright

  3. Kim Rutledge on December 11th, 2006 5:07 pm

    Dave, I heard great feedback from the group – thanks for all your knowledge and techniques. The team is hungry for more!
    Kim Rutledge.
    Dell Senior Staffing Manager

  4. Jim Cochrun on December 11th, 2006 7:10 pm

    A world class recruiting organization begins with hiring and developing a cadre of world class recruiters; the information you shared with the Dell Talent Acquisition team during our TA Academy last week added valuable tools to our arsenal, and will have a positive impact on our ability to continue hiring \’best athlete\’ talent to drive Dell\’s business forward. Many thanks!

    Jim Cochrun,
    Dell, Staffing Manager

  5. Clint Littlejohn on December 12th, 2006 9:52 am

    Dave –

    Thanks for all the incredible information. The presentations on LinkedIn and advanced internet searching were particularly helpful.

    Clint Littlejohn
    Dell, Talent Acquisition Advisor

  6. Recruiting on December 12th, 2006 11:22 am


    Hey, Bull Doza must have a family member working at Dell, eh? Cause they made him a Trainer at a three day love-in for their Talent Acquisition group. Not bad, eh? Doza’s session was called, “Share the Stealth”. Oh no, sorry, that’s Maureen’s next…

  7. Travis Triggs on December 12th, 2006 12:02 pm

    Thanks for attending and speaking at the TA Academy in Austin. I can truly say in eight hours I did a 180 degree turn around on my sourcing and recruiting techniques. The information that you shared was so valuable and the fact that we could follow along with you on our laptops was so important. I have already taken what I learned and I’m sharing it with the rest of my team. If you are reading this and have not heard Dave speak in person I encourage you to do so, it will open your recruiting eyes!!

    Travis Triggs
    Talent Acquisition
    Dell Inc.

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  9. Scott Smith on December 12th, 2006 9:45 pm

    Sourcing, Talent Acquisition

    Dave did a great job sharing with the group his “tricks of the trade”. From in-depth sourcing methods to Linked In advanced features, Dave offered something that everyone could take back with them.