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Diana Johnson Hightower, “Creating & Deploying a Leading Edge Diversity Staffing Strategy,” Kennedy Expo 2007

Posted on May 15, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc.

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“Developing a High Performance Talent Acquisition Organization”

Featured Speaker: Diana Johnson Hightower, Diversity Staffing Manager, Texas Instruments, May 10th, Thursday, Kennedy Conference & Expo, Las Vegas Hilton
Creating and Deploying a Leading Edge Diversity Staffing Strategy

What a sincere pleasure I had to finally meet Diana in person after at least 4 years of corresponding with her in some form or another. She has an infectious personality. She has been a “go to” person at Texas Instruments, always welcoming, always exchanging an idea or networking to make things happen and this spirit was evident in person as it has been over the several years I have been fortunate to correspond with her. I also want to thank Diana for that big wave that put me at ease at the podium at Kennedy Expo as I prepared to moderate the blog panel. Diane can count me among her biggest fans.

Diana Johnson, Texas Instruments,presented on the design and implementation required to develop a successful Diversity Staffing process. She outlined the necessity of diversity and due diligence efforts to secure support for your program among upper and middle management and build credibility throughout the organization. She elaborated on diversity sourcing strategy and methods both for landing strong diverse talent and for measuring your success.

To be a world class company, attracting and developing the best talent in your organization is Priority One. As technology brings people closer together, our environment becomes more diverse. And while workers from all backgrounds are merging into the global marketplace, businesses are being challenged by a shortage of talent and by the need to integrate a wide range of cultures. In response, today’s most competitive and successful organizations are integrating Diversity Staffing into their recruitment programs as a highly effective strategy for improving candidate quality.

About Diana Johnson Hightower

Diana has worked at Texas Instruments for 20 years. Diana has spent her career in marketing, operations and management, where she has won numerous awards, including five consecutive TI Society of Excellence MVP awards.

Diana has been featured at numerous national conferences, speaking on such topics as negotiating, building winning customer relationships, leadership and mentoring. Diana was selected as an initial inductee into the TI Diversity Network (TIDN) Diversity Champions Hall of Fame. She has been instrumental in championing mentoring programs across TI.

Diana is currently the Diversity Talent Advocate at Texas Instruments. In this role, Diana is responsible for driving TI’s diversity sourcing efforts across all business units

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