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Diane Hill-Koenig – Silicon Valley’s “Recruiting Sweetheart” Part 2

Posted on August 21, 2007
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SPOTLIGHT ON RECRUITER SUPERSTARS: This week at I’ll be featuring recruiters who have made an impact in the community, with technical expertise, organizational efficiency and by their reputation, raised the level of ethics and professionalism to our industry.

I could think of few people who characterize this ethos more aptly than Diane Hill-Koening, aka in the Bay Area as “Silicon Valley’s Recruitment Sweetheart”

You Heard it Hear First:

“Diane Hill-Koenig is a Talent Scout, not just any run of the mill recruiter, she has the distinction of being every staffing professional’s best friend. You see, Diane is a bona fide “Recruiter for Recruiters” at YAHOO! Her mission at Yahoo! Is to hire many staffing professionals, i.e. staffing managers, recruiters, sourcers, HR Managers,HR Directors, and HR Reps on behalf of Yahoo!’s human resources department. Yahoo!’s goal is to develop a state of the art staffing process, with an ambitious plan which will ultimately create a staffing environment in which all reqs would be open and closed within ten days. a challenge well suited to Diane, one that highlights her ever growing popularity as Silicon Valley’s recruiting sweetheart.”

I asked Diane, Silicon Valley’s Recruitment Sweetheart, to share her experiences under the Yahoo! Big Top

By Diana Hill-Koenig,
Talent Scout- Recruiter for Recruiters!

What a ride this has been! Why is it I have more friends now that I have joined Yahoo then when I was at Google? Perhaps because the way Yahoo recruits for talent is based on experience and not on GPA’s and which school you graduated from 15 years ago. Now Google is asking for GMAT scores.

I absolutely think we have one of the best staffing teams in the country right now. Yahoo grew by 70% in Staffing since Jan. 07. I am proud to have been able to contribute to help create a new vision and team for Yahoo. Not only does Yahoo look for top talent in recruiters, we look for personality and energy. Does this candidate know how to do their job well, enjoy it at the same time and have fun? That is the combo everyone seeks isn’t it? Well you will find it here at Yahoo. I admit we work pretty hard, Carol Mahoney, Sr. VP of Talent for Yahoo says, ” We are storming.” We are in a total ramp up, everyone is adjusting to new teams and constant development due to growth. As recruiters you can only pray you have reasonable clients. This is the sweet spot for me, my clients are all staffing professionals and they know our business, they know my pain. But what I like most is how down to earth and how REAL the Directors are here. Respect is what comes to mind, there is not one Director or Staffing Manager here that does not have the right experience to do their job. Lindsey Duran handles quite the load and makes it all look so easy, she is so calm and her follow through is incredible- truly inspired and admire to be more like her. When I am frazzled I have short answers, you can hear it in my voice. Ken Perluss he’s a no new name to Yahoo. Ken has been here for 8 yrs and the man always has a smile on his face or something funny to say, the most Senior Director here in TA. Recruiters with big egos- skip Yahoo- and head to Mountain View. Ken does not like arrogant recruiters.

Brian Whitfield wrote about traits of a great recruiter in an ere article. I agree with him a 100% on everything he wrote. Here are the things that that made me successful as a good/ great recruiter.

First I paid my dues twice, I started in house and went to the agency side for 4 yrs and then came back in house. Second, I stay focused. I somehow find the energy to do my job with passion and I have a great work ethic. Last and most important I am honest. If you do the right thing you will always be respected. At the end of the day your name is all you have so make the most of it.

So the Staffing Managers have been promoted to Directors and I still have a few to backfill. If you are interested let me know. I want to thank everyone for the referrals and contacting me directly. I have never been in the position that I did not source for the openings.
Thank you for making my job easier.

Diane Hill
Talent Scout- Recruiter for Recruiters!
HR and Staffing Managers


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    Diane Hill-Koenig – Silicon Valley’s “Recruiting Sweetheart” Part 2…