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Diversify Your Social Platform Presence

Posted on March 27, 2009
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I have noticed that whereas 170 million have flocked to Facebook and millions to Twitter, our staffing community has not adopted as quickly in utilizing the search and relationship potential to a comfort level traditionally given to Linkedin.

According to my peers, changes to LinkedIn will increasingly limit its functionality for sourcing purposes, albeit the Cybersleuthing methodology will remain the key. Take a look at this discussion string and see if you’re not alarmed by what you see:

According to our friend, Maureen Sharib, Recent LinkedIn Developments are as follows:

Made the “bulk accept” feature nearly impossible to find
Made it impossible to see your group member emails
Made it impossible to export your group members for communication other than once/weekly
Someone said (at that link) that LI is getting set to change the ability to see 100 profiles down to 60 as of 4/23

I am not confirming, but rather making the case that as a staffing community and early adopters, this is a wake up call to start diversifying the platforms in which our group thrives and in which we directly connect and develop relationships with one another.

Don’t fall behind. In this economy, being an early adopter is crucial if we are to successfully evolve in this economic transition. For those of you who have already joined Facebook, I strongly recommend you double check if you have edited your profile with a robust representation of your personality and professional strengths. Many colleagues remain hidden in search results due to minimalist profiles that lack their present employer or job title or areas of expertise, etc. It’s not simply about having an account – it is about making the most of each social network you join. As suggested with Linkedin, we cannot depend on anyone network for professional or personal networking. We cannot allow social media to grow without us or a role for us to target new talent – moreover, we need to be an integral part of their long-term strategies.

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, RBC – Are You Updated?

Even if you can confirm you are on Linkedin or Facebook, or Twitter or (RBC) – do yourself a favor and check your profiles to ensure they are up-to-date. Ensure above all you have added as many personal and professional email addresses on each of these to be found. Check your settings, and check that your profiles are complete and interesting. If you worry about job stability or uyou have since been laid off – I can attest that many of you are being lost with emails that bounce for exactly this reason – an outdated email or committing to one that risks disconnecting you.

Today and throughout this week – do yourself and our group a favor and look over the checklist of social media to ensure your current, relevant and searchable:

Do you have a Facebook account? If so, is it current, do you have more than one email address listed? Is your profile complete with interesting aspects of your likes and dislikes and specialties?

Do You have a Linkedin account? Do your account settings provide for multiple email addresses in case you get laid off? Have you confirmed each email to ensure they are saved? Is your employer and job title up-to-date? Click Account Settings on top right corner, then click Email Addresses under Personal Information within the Settings page. It will list “Your primary email address is currently: XXXX. Click to add. In fact Linkedin encourages you to add more email addresses, “Add an email address: Adding an email address is useful if you expect to be invited to connect at more than one address. We recommend that you add both a personal and work email address.” * Then Click “send Confirmation Message” and confirm the email once you receive a message in your email inbox.

OUR CHECKLIST – Don’t Fall Behind

Now that the basics are behind us, how current are you with belonging to “Six Degrees from Dave”, the group on each of these social networks?

1) Are we directly connected on Facebook?
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2) Do you have “Six Degrees from Dave” as a listed group you belong to on Facebook? Click to double check you belong –

3) Do you have a Twitter account and do you follow me? Click –

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5) Do you have an account on If so, double check you joined our subgroup location CLICK –

6) Have you bookmarked our home site to get daily updates on our industry, interviews and top ten listings to network? Bookmark Add ‘this site’ it today and register to receive updates.

Each step goes a long way to staying interconnected with a life raft in this economic climate. We are here for you and each other. Be found, find others. It’s why “Six Degrees from Dave” has never been more relevant.

I’m with you in your concerns. You are never alone in our group.
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