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Eight Random Thoughts About Me

Posted on July 31, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth

El Maestro, Shally Steckerl, Carl “Rotweiler” Chapman, Moises Lopez, each tagged me on this so I can’t let him down. I seem to recall avoiding something like this before so let me try to come up with 8 stupefying, shocking, tabloid quality news flashes about myself that will be the talk of the blogosphere for decades to come!

The Rules:

1) Post these rules before you give your facts.
2) List 8 random facts about yourself.
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Eight Random Facts about El Dave:

1. I have two incredible kids, my nearly 15 year old son, Tino, and my nearly 15 month old daughter, Siena Blue. I am Spanish and my wife is Finnish – together my wife amuses herself in saying our kids are “Spinach” – (just laugh along with her). I own the two noisiest barkers in the Rocky Mountains and the biggest wuss dogs a man can own, two Pomeranians, “Reagan” (yes after the Anti Communist champion I met twice) and “Nala” a Finnish name I think attributed to diving in frozen arctic fishing holes (?)

2. Yes the rumors are true. I am a really bad poker player, and I think its particularly funny when I end up being one of the last ones at the table playing. It’s almost as funny as Jason Davis winning each of the last four poker tournaments he put on. I was there from the inside and I can confirm, he won fair and square. I will also be sure to underline that point because no one puts together a mixer like Jason and his wife Michelle.

3. I have been nicknamed “El Dave” ever since I was in university and spoke excitedly about my hero in younger days, “El Cid”

4. I have been lobbying Shally and Stefie to name their baby “El Dave, Davisimo, or “Davina” – oddly enough they haven’t been quite enthused on the array of choices I have served. In classic Shally fashion, the Steckerl’s are lobbying for me to change my name to “Stephan (stay tuned for the glory that could be, will the baby be named after an El Dave Derivative?! Find out on Nov. 28th!) I’m betting against myself here.

5. I did NOT live I Australia, but I am a Europhile. While Shally was eating shrimp on the barbi, I was eating NY style pizza in Hackensack New Jersey until I was 9. It was not until 1998 that I had decent stories to tell of far away lands I’ve traveled, i.e. Sweden, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, etc. My wife and I were engaged in the Basilica of Alicante in the Fall of 2000 and we married twice: first we eloped in a civil ceremony and then I kept my promise to give her a proper wedding amongst friends in her native country of Finland. We had our toasts in the middle of an apple orchard just before a monsoon rain came in. Our wedding song was “At Last” – which is funny because that is the song I sing when I manage to get the kids and the baby stuff in the car. 🙂

6. My favorite country traveled thus far is Estonia. A 1.5 hour ferry ride from Helsinki, I was charmed by Tallin, Estonia’s 14th century fortress city, so much so, my wife and I went twice and made it our honeymoon destination. My favorite meals and hospitality was in Prague. The happiest people I ever met were in Spain, nothing says “life is good” like a circle of young college coeds doing a flamenco circle at 4am in the morning. My next overseas target would ideally be Poland to visit war memorials (I’m a history wiz) and I am looking forward to visiting the remainder of Central Europe eventually. If I had a one stop visit, then I would have to say I would finally conquer Barcelona which has eluded me time and again with scheduling conflicts that ended up taking me to some other locale. All that being stated, I hadn’t had a vacation in five years until my wife forced me to. Today my wife, Heidi, is having her heyday in Helsinki with friends she hasn’t seen in three years. See you in 14 days sweetheart! (Psst, if my recruitment colleagues overseas need training in Advanced Sourcing Methods, Shally and I will come visit you your European location of choice!)

7. My favorite food is any variety of wild game (duck, wild boar, venison, spotted owl) with cinnamon wine or a nice sangria with the largest portion of steak that I can handle and then I look forward to basking in the glory of a ceiling fan as I lay in bed groaning in bed asking my wife why she let me eat that. 🙂 Sadly, I do not jest, I really do that, Heidi, loves to remind me. My other favorite food is more about pure aesthetics – the way food looks on my baby girl, esp when she has gone tribal and made designs throughout her face and hair with the particular meal of the day.

8. My favorite “adult beverage” is a Mohito or an apple martini. My favorite dinner conversation was with Glenn Gutmacher and Shally at Morton’s steak house ERE San Diego, it was noteworthy for the wide array of topics covered and Shally was kind enough to present ‘dessert’ in the form of good tidings of Stefi’s pregnancy. (congrats you two!) My favorite variety show is “America’s Got Talent.” My favorite activity for relaxation is fishing in hip waders in a cold stream looking up at Scraggly Mountain with a nice breeze on a warm day.

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