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El Dave As Interviewee, “Six Degrees of PaperJam’s Luxembourg”

Posted on June 23, 2011
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I will be sharing tidbits of my learnings as I travel from EMEA to India the next two weeks.”Dave Mendoza Tales From Paris, Luxembourg, Uk & India”

In the interim, I wanted to take this moment to share something rare. El Dave is Interviewee not Interviewer today!

Rather than referencing an interview of a corp staffing leader I engaged in to share their best practices … Today I share my own. I was interviewed by Luxembourg’s Leading Magazine “PaperJam” and I shared my own personal insights of the corporate staffing environment – the dysfunctions, the trends where inroads on innovation are being made – and my hopes.

QUOTE: “The Talent Strategist, blogger and sourcing consultant explained the ERE Recruiting Excellence Award for competitive mapping and talent strategy architecture he developed for Informatica in an event sponsored by OTYS recruiting technology. He talks about gathering competitive information using social media and other public domain web tools.”

VIDEO of my post keynote speech Interview discussion: Click

The Interview article itself is available as an online pdf – the second of two covers, starting on page 40

I’ll be back in two weeks. In the interim, I’d appreciate friends who have a moment to tweet the links referenced. Thanks so much


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