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ERE EXPO San Diego, 2007 – Shally, Glenn & Dave Master Session & The Big Show

Posted on April 20, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc.

David Manaster, you did it again – you managed to put together a thought provoking schedule of topics, A-List of speakers and events. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your exceptional staff at ERE and to encourage every staffing professional to make it a priority to register for the next opportunity to attend. The awards ceremony displayed companies and individuals at the cutting edge of our iindustry. (congrats to Electronic Arts!)

The event offered a series of rich networking and learning opportunities. This year’s spring event was held on April 17th through the 19th at
the Marriott Marina in San Diego.

I had the genuine pleasure of seeing old friends like thee Gerry Crispin,Dennis Smith, , Joel Cheesman, Ben Gotkin, Randy Stevenson, Russell Glass at Zoominfo, and making new ones like Hilary Taubman-Dye,star corporate recruiter at Linkedin, Krista Bradford, and Matt Martone.

A few memorable events come to mind, which are available for review in my Flickr photo series.

*** Finally meeting my E-buddy Jim Durbin and his witty and lovely wife. I did a double take because Jim looked ten years younger than his blog photo and he is missing an incredible marketing opportunity in neglecting to feature his glamorous wife at least three times on each of his blog. It’s good advice Jim. Your prowess is vastly understated. lol

*** Jason Davis is the greatest bluff artist in mankind’s history. He won his third charity poker tournament, knocking off Russell Glass, Jim Foster, VP Business Development and Operations at Duran Human Capital Partners, Inc., and Monster’s VP of Alliances, Neal Bruce. To celebrate, Jason got up on a chair to give a victory hug to Neal, who stands at three Dave Mendoza’s in height. A remarkable feat for Jason and the chair that successfully helped him look at Neal directly eye to eye, and to Neal’s genetics and remarkable newbie poker skills that have made him twice a great contender. Yours truly actually made it to the final 5(?) – but walking in late after a few mixers, I was lucky to have champs like Gerry and others deplete their chips by the time I walked in.

*** Ryan Money’s motivation for creating a successful start-up at Hirevue? A beautiful family. I finally had the chance to meet my buddy’s lovely wife and little girl. Now I know how he gets the ability to smacktalk with the best at Poker events, if I went home to these two I would have self-confidence to spare. Thanks buddy for the introduction. You are a blessed man.

*** Fellow Prague traveler, Michael Shafrir and his staff at “TheLadders” is giving us the scoop in the weeks to follow on the latest advances in tools technology being developed at the world’s largest community catering exclusively to the $100k+ job market. TheLadders had a significant presence throughout ERE Expo and I enjoyed the many conversations we had throughout the “Big Show.” Michael is a terrific guy and I am glad I had a chance to get to know him far better than the prior handshake and small chat of previous events. It was worth the wait. Look forward to seeing you and Elizabeth at Kennedy next month, Michael!

*** Indeed made the biggest splash amongst exhibitors for me. Paul Forster, CEO & Co-Founder, and Rony Kahan, Owner at – send Sophie Beaurpere, Marketing Manager and Emilee Alexander, Marketing Assistant to every recruiting event you can, they made a resoundingly positive impression among my fellow colleagues. Doesn’t “thee Joel Cheesman” look enthralled on the picture to the left to all things Indeed? Indeed, I would venture so. I look forward to updating our audience on Indeed’s progression as an industry leader in vertical search.

*** Randall Stevens, you are the least expected IT Recruiting Director I have had the pleasure to meet. Far from stale and in the Geek mode, I rarely have a chance to laugh and be entertained as much as I had the pleasure of doing so at the Charity Poker Tourney sitting next to you. Nationwide Insurance is fortunate to have you at the helm. Your staff retention must be excellent, how can it not be?

*** Jason Goldberg, CEO, and Joel Cheesman provided entertainment at the overly ballyhooed ‘smackdown’ event which coincided with Jobster’s ERE general audience presentation. The fact that Jason is a skilled orator is beyond dispute and it was readily on display when he invited our good friend, Joel Cheesman, of Cheezhead fame, to present five questions within the last 15 minutes of Goldberg’s presentation. The audience would have been better served had there been an introduction of Joel’s bio, and the controversy which precipitated his invitation, to address Goldberg on the stage, one on one. The format was static, with question and answer without a rebuttal segment or direct ‘debate’ as advertised. In any case, Joel’s a classy guy and he was respectful, if not overly so, and Jason Goldberg never missed a beat when it came to delivery. The awkward, yet teaser moment came when the preprogrammed announcements segment came on and threw both speakers off as the audience looked at each other and laughed at the unease. Cheesman broke the silence and pitched back Goldberg’s answer with a joke we could all enjoy. The verdict on the Smackdown? It was a victorian tea party. No fault to either gentleman, it was simply a tame format.

Jason Goldberg was kind enough to request my opinion on the back and forth later that day. I’ll share exactly what I observed with our readers:

“Jason, you made lemons into lemonade.”

The greatest privilege on both a personal and professional level, was to share the stage with Shally Steckerl, Chief Cyberseluth and Founder, JobMachine Inc., and Glenn Gutmacher, the leading Sourcing guru at Microsoft, at ERE’s Master Session Workshop on Passive Talent Sourcing. The full day, eight hour event was the only sold out event with nearly 80 participants in attendance. It was a remarkable session in terms of the extent of detailed cybersleuthing instruction and the level of stature of many of the industry’s leading recruiters and companies joining us for the presentation. Questions and note taking abounded as participants worked hands-on on their laptops to practice each of the sourcing tips we elaborated upon. Shally and Glenn lived up to their legendary stature’s as profound lecturers, providing clarity and substance to their presentations. It was a pleasure to contribute answers and assistance as the audience followed the agenda with hands-on practice.

I am also grateful that I was able to share drinks and buffalo wings between thought provoking discussions with my valued friend, Jason Davis, Founder at Those who frequent “Six Degrees from Dave” know how much I value his friendship and his legacy as a community builder within our industry and it was a pleasure to see him in his final weeks before he transitions his leadership of and moves into one of many of his newest ventures. I look forward to contributing to his next community-based efforts I trust many of my fellow bloggers will likewise enjoy visiting “Jay Dee” at his new blogging effort benefiting the recruitment industry. We all wish him well.

I have provided a recap of ERE Expo’s highlights for your viewing pleasure (Jason Davis Webvideo & Flickr Pictures):

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3 Responses to “ERE EXPO San Diego, 2007 – Shally, Glenn & Dave Master Session & The Big Show”

  1. Rob Humphrey on April 20th, 2007 7:59 pm

    Tea Party? Crap. I was looking for one of those 2 if not both to “man up” and lay it down.


  2. Michael Shafrir on April 21st, 2007 8:37 pm

    Hey Dave,

    Great to connect at the show…nice writeup. You make it sound like I run, which is thoughtful (but unfortunately not true).

  3. Recruiting Animal on April 22nd, 2007 6:58 pm

    Good pictures. Just like being there.