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EXCELER8ION: Review of the Fortune 500 Corporate Recruiting Blogs

Posted on October 23, 2006
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Another fantastic post by Julian & Shannon at Exceler8ion, the premier blog covering marketing/advertising issues effecting the recruitment industry.

Published by Shannon, September 26th, 2006 in Interactive Recruitment Marketing, Blogs, employer brand, Social Media

I have been following Easton Ellsworth’s review of the 10 largest Fortune 500 companies. He has posted a list of his reviews of their ‘business blogging’ efforts so far:

1. ExxonMobil – Yawn
2. Wal-Mart – Ugly
3. General Motors Part 1 and Part 2 – Otay
4. Chevron – Mysterious
5. Ford – Iffy
6. ConocoPhillips – Nonexistent
7. General Electric – Aha!
8. Citigroup – Who?
9. AIG – Barf
10. IBM – Hallelujah!

Of Easton’s list:

* I only know of 2 that are using real blogs (very indirectly) to recruit talent: 1- Wal-mart (Life at Wal-Mart Blog – and there are some fishy things going on here that we will get into later) AND 2- GM (FYI Blog).

* While we know that IBM encourages its employees to blog (within company guidelines) – are there any recruiting focused / Heather Hamilton / JobsBlog equivalents out there for IBM? Maybe I’ve missed it?

* There are some that are blogging pretty well – but are clearly missing out on the opportunity to directly recruit talent from the blog – GE’s Global Research Blog, From Edison’s Desk, is one that needs to add a link to their job search and apply at the very least today.

According to the Fortune 500 Blogging Wiki, thirty, or 6%, of Fortune 500 companies have official corporate blogs (nearly double the number in December 2005)

Few company blogs are from the CEOs (which may be a good thing depending on the chief) and few seem to overtly use their corporate blogs to recruit talented people to join their team. Why are so many Fortune 500 companies failing to take advantage of this medium to engage in online conversations with potential candidates and applicants?

In the coming days I will begin reviewing the spectrum of F500 recruitment blogging efforts – from those that are just dipping their toes into the ‘recruitosphere’ to those that are doing cannonballs into recruitment blogging.

Fortune 500 Blogger Wiki is planning to add share price data to create a Business Blogging Index, comparing the stock performance of companies that blog with those that don’t. Here’s why. A spreadsheet version of that with a snapshot of this list from 12/30/05 is here.


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