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“ExclusiveHR” Magazine Interview: “Big data: the Future of e-recruitment?”

Posted on February 24, 2013
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By Laurent Pilliet

With the advent of social networking, recruitment will never be as before. Dave Mendoza, one of the gurus of American e-HR, puts the finishing touches to a white paper on New Management “social” talent. The CV databases are not updated no longer have any value, the future is Big Data and “Future Cast”. While in Paris, he agreed to reveal the main ideas of his next book.

Dave Mendoza advises large corporations in their talent acquisition strategy for 10 years. He has collaborated with Microsoft and currently advises Informatica , a company listed on the Nasdaq, employing 2500 employees worldwide specialist in data integration software. Dave Mendoza is a sought after speaker who has won awards; i.e. ERE and Onrec, for technical innovation.

Its forthcoming White Paper sponsored by Korn / Ferry Futurestep , will be released in the coming weeks. Entitled “CRM Present & Future: Applying ‘Futurecasting’ to the Strategic Framework of Talent Acquisition”, will present the necessary changes that should lead recruiters in their business after the revolution of social networks. The wealth of information available to recruiters, Big Data phenomenon is a tremendous opportunity to improve its sourcing process, provided there is a real strategy to address and use this information. As a preview, here are two key ideas that will be developed in this work.

Social Convergence

The times in which we live is paradoxical. Social networks have achieved remarkable size, the API to query their data simply, the recruitment software have made great efforts to connect their bases with social networks … However, the data in CVthèques have rarely been poor and also very usable. Examples? The profiles do not have the name of the candidate, key skills for recruitment are missing, unavailable or mobile numbers up to date … Finally, candidates now have 5 or 6 email addresses and change of business, so coordinate regularly.

The static CV databases are convicted, the candidates will never update. The solution? Develop a model allowing dynamic data updating. Only a basic living is useful and effective. Before connecting their CVthèques on social networks, recruiters must carefully select priority areas on each network to import, check the real value of the retrieved information, validate the quality of imports, implement processes to remove duplicate … Without a real social convergence strategy, the creation of talent pools is doomed to failure.

Talent Mapping

While everyone talks about it, the data has no value. Have millions of resumes in its database is useless if recruiters are not able to find the right person at the right time in a minimum time.

Talent base must be worked, segmented, enriched tagged … to match the real needs of the hiring company. Talent Mapping it must be constantly aligned with the business objectives of the organization. If your company plans to open a customer support center in India in 2015, your Talent Mapping must integrate and prepare the base for talents accordingly.

Organizations that provide for archiving its own institutional learnings establish monumental opportunities for evolving methods of attraction and selection of talent. Sourcing service must also be borne in memory processes in place to work on this basis and to conduct research. Methodologies and processes are critical data inputs in their own right. ‘How hires are made’ is a learning input that shouldn’t be dependent on any one individual, but rather, distributed across the organization as accessible data to raise the bar and decrease time-to-fill given that factors of how and where hires and interviews are established are best practices that are too often ignored or transactional rather than recognized patterns.

Dave established a first of its kind, beta; A “Talent Knowledge Library” containing in-house, corporate talent acquisition learnings as adoptive archives; be it queries tested on the basis for a selection of talents, business intelligence, and source of hire analytics are critical to retention of internal, organizational best practices. “With the engine of Big Data, various social APIs supplementing huge databases with real-time feeds – allows data shelf-life to extend itself far beyond the average lifespan of static record entries, – it has the promising aspect of being dynamic, updated continuously, with the added benefit to access priority talent verticals as they progress in their careers, their average length of duration, and other key demographics that will eventually extrapolate key patterns for empl0yee success. The business intelligence feeding what I envision to be a “Talent Knowledge Library” adds exponential value proposition if macros can intelligently produce search strings and other beneficial queries to add precision to lead generation efforts based on objective date. Utilizing this off the shelf technology gone are the days of assumptive search, and a new era of hard data as source of hire to workforce planning represents high value on several, cost-effective layers.”

The challenges facing recruitment services in the coming years are immense. HR professionals must learn to reconcile their social networks while retaining ownership of their data. To meet these challenges, Dave Mendoza has developed a strategic model, called “FutureCasting”, with specific guidance for its implementation; model which will be detailed in the forthcoming White Paper. “A new paradigm for sourcing is emerging he said, and companies that execute social data convergence strategies, will prosper in recruiting the best talent.”

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