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Exclusive Member Perk! SixDegreesfromDave Complete Listing

Posted on March 25, 2009
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(2 Years of My Contacts!)
CLICK – Specific “How To Invite” Instructions


It pains me to see so many good people effected by bad times. I see the effects of this economy every time I send a message to the group and see how many bounce back due to untimely layoffs. It reinvigorates me however to understand the impact that the Top ten listings, or contacts in general I share out of my own address book can provide to those in fear of, or who have already been laid off. These lists are your opportunity should you seize it, to make quality relationships with some of the best and bright, the most active, and most compassionate in our industry who have time and again proven to me that they will pass it forward. I cannot think of better people to know or a better reason to add them to your collective networks.

Don’t be one of those who opens this newsletter only to miss the chance to upload, send a personalized invite acknowledging the collective of our group. You know that adage of the ship coming in? You may be one of those who had several come to port but never walked on board. The end result is watching opportunity sail away. Now is not the time to be insulated from an increasingly tight labor market. I know one thing and I repeat it often – we in the staffing industry are the first ones on board and the first ones found expendable when budget cuts arise.

The listings I send are life vests. Hold on tight, wave, yell collectively to be noticed and accomplish something for one another and yourselves. I want nothing less than to empower you.

3 Favors to Ask Our Membership

1) I am specifically seeking Corporate Staffing Executives and Managers willing to be interviewed for and our newsletter. Please contact me directly to inform me of your interest.
2) I am available for speaking opportunities both nation-wide and globally. I am happy to meet your groups and associations. Contact me directly.
3) Please bookmark and start visiting for your daily coffee read. The perks start there!


1) Tell them Dave Mendoza from SixDegrees from Dave recommended you Connect. (I Double Check ! Serious I always find out who hasn’t given credit)
2) NEVER, EVER – solicit, spam those listed. You will be removed as a member. It undermines the reputation of our approach to extend authentic and sincere, networking value. Even if tempted because you are seeking job opportunities and you see a manager – best to start subtle, outreach with a paragraph about yourself in your invite – ask how you can bring value – First.
3) Send invites that include your contact signature, and a bio paragraph to make a lasting first impression.

Pass It Forward Friends,

Dave Mendoza
Six Degrees from Dave


3 Responses to “Exclusive Member Perk! SixDegreesfromDave Complete Listing”

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  2. Tim Nave on March 30th, 2009 3:53 pm


    I have been connected with you for a while and appreciate your csv’s. I always follow your instructions and mention you. In fact; below is my invite for your reference! So many people reply about the time I took to write my introduction so thank you. Lastly, I looked at your mega listing and did not see my name listed.



    Dave Mendoza recommends we connect. I found you on LinkedIn and I thought you might be interested in connecting with me. Let’s connect directly, so we can help each other with referrals. If we connect, both of our networks will grow exponentially.

    I am a dynamic individual working in the Aerospace sector Directing Executive level relationships with my employer’s top 20 airline customers. In any business; personal relations are the foundation and that is where I excel. I have an evolving profile and a great network that is growing fast and I would like to share my network with you and offer my assistance in any way you may need. I am based in Denver Colorado.

    If you choose not to connect please be so kind as to not select I do not know Tim.

    Please accept my invitation to connect by following the link below. Thank you!


  3. George Kao on April 7th, 2009 3:08 pm

    Thank you, Dave Mendoza for this awesome service, and thank you Tim Nave for your template!

    I modified Tim’s template a bit (see below) and have used it successfully. I received an email today from an open networker who wrote: “Yours was one of the most professional requests I’ve received.”


    MY INVITE (feel free to modify and use)…


    Dave Mendoza recommended that we connect on LinkedIn.

    A bit about me…

    * As of today, I have 65 recommendations on LinkedIn. I’m well-regarded by my network.
    * Social Responsibility, Personal Development, and Integrity are some of my highest values, and are the values by which I live and work.
    * I’m always seeking to help my network.

    I hope you’ll accept my invitation to connect by following the link below. Thank you!

    ~ George Kao

    p.s. If you choose NOT to connect please be so kind as to not select “I do not know George.” Thank you for your time.


    And if the above resonates with you feel free to add me as “Friend” on linkedin: