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Facebook Bans Recruiter, um for Inviting People to Join it?

Posted on August 3, 2007
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Our friend, Harry Joiner got some ‘splaining to do …. you see he actually thought a social networking site wanted users to network! I am guilty that I agree with Harry and that setting limits on the number of invites is, well, super lame. I guess they don’t want my 7,200 Linkedin network to join Facebook by referral. I will oblige Facebook’s wish, I mean who wants to let other people know about your social networking platform???? Here’s to an Invite Limit free social networking world and here is a brief intro from my hero/victim of the week:

“ATLANTA, GA — Earlier this week I read about Robert Scoble getting over the hump regarding Facebook, so I decided to spend more quality time with the application. As I mentioned in my Scoble post, I have seen some smart people blog favorably about Facebook, so as a marketing recruiter I figured I had better get on board the Facebook Train.

After signing up in mid-July, my profile just sat there while connection invitations from personal friends trickled in. By yesterday afternoon, I had a whopping 23 friends. Not enough for a really friendly guy like me — especially since Scoble had said that “Facebook is the modern day Rolodex. It is the replacement for the business card.”

Then last night, I realized that I could invite my entire personal Gmail email list to join my network. In all fairness to Facebook, there are … CLICK HERE to read MORE


2 Responses to “Facebook Bans Recruiter, um for Inviting People to Join it?”

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