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Finding the Best Recruits; From Online MBA Programs to Facebook

Posted on September 23, 2011
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With the current economic crisis, finding a job is harder than ever. For us in the human resources field we have to wade through an endless sea of resumes, cover letters, and personalized web sites all touting how great these unemployed and desperate people are. Everyone from recent MBA grads to down and out jobless victims are in the market for a new job or one that’s better than where they currently are.

The Lack of Well Qualified Candidates

According to recent HR research, there are not enough qualified people to fill jobs for businesses. This lack of qualified workers might stem from two possible scenarios. Recent graduates studying online MBA programs learn from college to have a sense of entitlement. They often feel that they should start off in their field at a good position and be making an incredible salary. They do not realize that college is the base of knowledge and experience must be earned in the real world.

The comedian Louis CK makes a hilarious joke about 20-year-olds complaining about working at Starbucks and feeling like they should be doing something better or more creative. They have a false sense of their worth and are working as baristas because they haven’t developed enough job skills yet. Television shows often show young people working high profile jobs because they are young and will sell the most stuff, not because they are the most qualified

Another reason why it is so hard to find qualified people to perform necessary functions in business is that employers are asking for too much. I once saw a job posting that wanted a technical writer with a creative side to write detailed product descriptions while coding the company website, performing basic data entry tasks, and doing some light accounting.

This is a very demanding and specific position which not a lot of people are going to be able to fill. If you step back and think about it, a person who can perform several of these functions will have had to earned several degrees and had years and years of experience. Research shows that a lot of companies are struggling because of this mentality. If you stick with career minded people who really want to excel in a specific field.

Social Media Screening

Before taking a chance on a person by just hiring them on a blind whim, it is vital to do extensive background checks and perform research before hiring. Social media is a glimpse into a person’s attitude and will show a lot about their character. If you find someone who has a good interview and a good resume, but a completely off the wall Facebook account with photos of drinking binges and derogatory statements about the government; they were probably deceitful during the interview process.

Classified Placement

In order to find recruits who want the job the most, you should start getting creative with the placement of your classified ads. Instead of just placing them on generic and non-specific job websites. If you do not have an immediate or urgent need to hire, you should do a strategic placement of ads on job specific boards like Talent Zoo in order to find the highest quality people out there. If someone is willing to dig deep and do the proper research for their job, it speaks volumes about their character and work ethic. It also shows they are driven to excel in the field and will have an excellent knowledge about what your company actually does.

Finding a proper candidate for a job can be just as challenging as actually finding a job. Make sure to use the Internet to your advantage and correctly allocate the resources available to you.


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