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Finding the Right Talent Through team+ Technology

Posted on May 11, 2015
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In and ideal world, employees have the job that best matches their talents and passion. Better yet, they feel they are partnering with their bosses for success. That also means that employers have motivated and productive teams. In practice, however, it can be quite challenging to find the right talent, even for experienced HR consultants and managers.

We all know that, in the end, we spend many hours with the new hire and we need to like them. Plus, especially in highly technical jobs, they need to meet the minimum requirements to qualify at all.

This poses a triple-challenge: finding the person with the exact background who is aligned with the company’s vision and who we like to hang out with.

Many technologies have been designed to bridge that gap between candidates and employers. We basically see two kinds of technologies. First, there are sophisticated talent management systems with recruiting features within larger ERPs such as SAP’s success factors or Oracle’s Taleo. Second, there are many specialized web recruitment systems.

No matter if any of those are being used or not, finding resumes is easy and can be free of charge for recruiters and HR Managers to find plenty of resumes. From a candidate perspective, many known technologies provide an easy way to submit their resume and cover letter in connection with social media. Still, recruiters have to sift through tons of resumes, many of which do not even match the requirements by a long shot.

The web-based team+ platform closes the gap all the way:

MATCH: the core team+ functionality matches resumes with positions based on industry-relevant parameters within one click. On average, only 20% of newly incoming resumes need to be checked. And only 1-5% from previously submitted resumes are preselected to match the position.

TALENT: as the number of resumes to check is minimized, the chance to find this one hidden talent is boosted. This gives managers the means to hire top professionals that match the skills, education and experience of the specific position.

CANDIDATES: the best representative of candidates are themselves. We provide the tools to them to promote their profile for specific positions, to input their resume’s key points using simple forms and make it accessible by the recruiters.

VIDEO: if relevant and useful, candidates can be given the option to submit a video interview to specific questions set by the HR manager according to each position. This feature should not interfere with equal opportunities – it should help finding a person who fits into the team based on their personality.


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