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FORTUNE: Catherine Cook, co-founder of, “And A 17-Year-Old Shall Lead Them”

Posted on July 12, 2007
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< I had the privilege this morning of interviewing at the iMeme conference Catherine Cook, the 17-year-old CEO and co-founder of She was a little nervous, and had also had significant plane delays in her flight from Denmark (she’s based in New Jersey, but was taking a little time abroad before she begins college this fall at Georgetown). But she’s got plenty to reassure her: comScore figures released yesterday indicate that her site now has more unique visitors than any other social media site except Facebook and MySpace.

Her next move is to tap into her audience to provide the next generation of user-generated content. “I think the future for bad singing videos, and people getting hit in the crotch, is limited,” she told the iMeme crowd. To that end, has added two new features, Video Battles and MyMag. Video Battles allows two users to upload homemade videos–such as their band performance–and lets users vote on which one they like most.

MyMag is a 100% user-generated teen magazine with professional editors, covering hot teen topics like suicide, anorexia, and sex, which, she says, can generate as many as 3,000 reader comments in 24 hours. Even though some print publications shy away from such topics for fear of alienating advertisers, Cook says she has had strong response from advertisers. Given that her company – started with a $250,000 check from her older brother – already has revenues in the seven figures, imagine what they can accomplish once she gets a bachelors degree in economics and business.


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