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Frank Mulligan, “Linkedin’s Quality Connection Enablers (QCEs)”

Posted on February 26, 2008
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Linkedin For HR & Recruitment
Author: Frank Mulligan

If you are a fan of Linkedin, and many in China’s HR community are, then you have already amassed a base of potential new recruits or business partners.

Some people have built huge connection bases and the Linked basics for doing this are fairly well known so it’s not much of an accomplishment anymore. Using these techniques will help you increase your raw connection number, but they don’t really do much beyond increasing the number of people you can see.

A more nuanced view of Linkedin requires us to look at the quality of our connections and one new development that might help here is the ability to create Groups. These Groups include company and university alumnis, professional membership groups, conference-related groups and networking groups. You can build a group yourself, and anything that can conceivably unite people can be a Group.

As a potential member, Groups allow you to self-select the people you want to get closer to, and in many cases they require you to have genuine connection with other group members. For example, if you want to join the PriceWatersHouseCoopers alumni you have to have worked for PWC at some time in your career. This is much more useful for recruiting purposes and it clearly raises the quality of your connection base.

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