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FREE WEBINAR! Broadlook’s Donato Diorio Presents “Near (and Far) Future of Recruitment

Posted on September 22, 2009
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WEDNESDAY! Broadlook’s Donato Diorio Presents A Look Into The Technological Possibilities


There is a storm brewing. Technology forces from outside recruitment will steer the future of the recruiting industry. Many top producers in the recruiting industry have avoided technology, yet still succeeded. ??That day is coming to an end. Evolve or become extinct. ??Recruiters in the near future will be compelled to embrace technology. Why? Because technology is starting to work in ways visionaries originally dreamed. Seamless. Technology, done right, allows recruiters to assert more influence, be more connected and spend more time focusing on relationships. Connectivity, Influence and Relationship are foundations of recruitment. ??This is not a rah-rah technology session. Donato will focus on why technology works and why it doesn’t. You will learn how to review technology and actually assess where any particular technology is on a adopt-ability scale. (from Disruptive to Practical). This will be a fun, educational session with plenty of time for Q&A. ??Some topics will include: ??-Concepts that will steer (and rock) the future of Recruitment ?-Why Permission-Based-Engagement will define recruitment’s future ?-Mobile Recruiting. It’s here, it’s hot. Where is it going? ?-Technology backfires – what are they and how to avoid them? ?-How to measure technology practicality? ?-What the heck is cloud computing? ?-What do candidates think about all this stuff? ?-If LinkedIN, Facebook and Myspace are to survive, how must they evolve? ?-Proximity Networking – what is it and how can I benefit? ?-Augmented reality applications are here now.

When:?Wednesday, September 23, 2009?3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CDT


PS: I am in NO way compensated for this announcement. I am doing so as a strong advocate for Broadlooks’ capabilities as a user :))


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