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Free Webinar Today 4:00PM – Building the Ultimate B2B List; Impact your Sales, Marketing & Recruiting

Posted on March 10, 2011
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When: Today 4:00PM , Eastern
Webinar: Building the Ultimate B2B List; Impact your Sales, Marketing and Recruiting

Sales, marketing, and recruiting live or die on the effectiveness of their data. Where does your data come from? When was it last refreshed? Does it impact sales? Donato is internationally recognized as a thought leader in the sales & recruiting process. Over the past eight years, Donato has deconstructed lead generation, put science to process, and built the most powerful set of lead generation technology available anywhere.

In this webinar, you will learn:

The continuum of sales desire… how mature is yours?
What are the four building blocks of the ultimate list?
What are the 20 factors that affect list quality? (There really are 20!)
What is a Data Plan… and why do you desperately need one?
How do list industry myths hold up to the scientific method?
What are three ways Dirty Data enters your CRM?
How to end the cycle of Dirty Data
What the heck is Social Intuition?
The future of CRM including Social CRM
Why CRM’s are not built to keep your data
What are the hidden costs of dirty data?

Who should attend?
Lead generation professionals
CRM Administrators
Webinar Registration:

Presented by Donato Diorio, CEO and Founder of Broadlook Technologies

Donato is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and educator focused on best practices in recruitment and sales. His in-depth knowledge and charismatic personality, combined with his high level of enthusiasm, make him a highly sought-after speaker. As an owner of a top billing placement firm and software architect, Donato envisioned and then created applications that could automate many of the most time-consuming research functions performed by recruiters, sourcers, marketing, and sales. Today, Broadlook serves 1000’s of clients worldwide including Fortune 100 companies, with applications to aid in staffing, sales, and overall business intelligence initiatives.

Broadlook Technologies
| 21140 W Capitol Dr Suite 7 | Pewaukee, WI 53072


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