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Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: Alex Putman, Director of People & Engagement at Case-Mate

Posted on May 7, 2013
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by Alex Putman
Director of People & Engagement at Case-Mate
Chief T-Rex at Social T-Rex
The Future of Recruiting: Futurecasting with Dave Mendoza
April 30, 2013

Remember the good ole days of recruiting? If drinking and smoking at your desk with a rotary dial phone popped into your head, you are on the wrong site! What I am trying to say is remember how much recruiting has evolved?

    30 years ago it was a phone, phone book and paper resumes mailed to the Personal Department
    15 years ago, the internet was starting (thanks Al Gore) and job boards were catching wildfire
    5 years ago LinkedIn and other social networks were popping up along with tons of Applicant Tracking Systems
    1 year ago, all about social – cultural changes in how and how much data people share

What is the purpose of all this data sharing if you are not doing anything with it?

The methods listed above are different in many ways, but share many commonalities – mainly they all involve data. In each scenario recruiters gathered data on people. Today we gather lots of data or “Big Data”. Again I ask, what are you doing with all this data? Dave Mendoza, a thought leader in recruiting, not only asked this question, he is doing phenomenal work in the field of Big Data to make our future more productive. Welcome to the future, welcome to Futurecasting.


About Alex Putman

Director of Talent Attraction & Recruitment Branding
• Building and leading the global talent acquisition efforts for one of the most exciting companies in the world with global locations in North and South America, Europe and Asia.
• Create digital strategies for promoting the recruitment brand.
• Developed social media strategy for the Vaja luxury retail line.
• Built social platforms including; Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Polyvore

Alex’s 2013 Speaking Engagements:

“Social Recruiting: Brand, Engage & Hire” |SHRM-Atlanta @ DeVry| Atlanta, GA | 1/8
“Strategic Recruitment Summit“ | Miami, FL | 2/11-2/12
“Finding a Job Via Social Media” | Georgia State | Atlanta, GA | 3/5
“Managing your Social Media Presence” | WIT on Campus | Atlanta, GA | 3/6
“Finding a Job Via Social Media” | UGA | Athens, GA | 3/19
“Social Strategy Design” | Professional Entertainment & Sports Association | Athens, GA | 4/22
“Social Strategy Design” | Georgia Society of Association Executives | Atlanta, GA | 4/23
“Brand, Engage & Hire” | Annual SHRM-Atlanta Conference | Atlanta, GA | 4/29

Alex’s 2012 Speaking Engagements:

HR Panel – HR Horror Stories | Crossroads Career Network Meeting | Atlanta, GA | 2/13/2012
“Social Recruiting: Talent Acquisition in 2015 ” | Jobvite Social Recruiting Road Show | Atlanta, GA | 2/28/2012
“Future of Talent Acquisition” | 22nd Annual SHRM-Atlanta Conference | Atlanta, GA | 3/14 (1:45-2:45)
Use Social Media in Your Job Search | University of Georgia | Athens, GA | 3/20/2012
Webinar: Connecting the HR Community One Click at a Time | 4/19/2012 – SHRM-Atlanta
Webinar: Social Recruiting Best Practices| 5/22/2012 – w/Ascendify
Presentation: Life @ Case-Mate | Right Management | 11/14/2012


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