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Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: Kevin Stakelum, Talent Acquisition Director at Humana

Posted on July 8, 2013
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By Kevin Stakelum
Talent Acquisition Director at Humana
Louisville, Kentucky

Kevin Stakelum leads the Talent Acquisition Function for Humana. He provides strategic direction for the function, design enterprise level processes, create efficiencies in the system and assist the business in creating strategies and approaches that result in them hiring the best talent for their positions.
Kevin also leads the company’s Veteran Hiring Initiative that delivered on Humana’s initial commitment to hire 1000 veterans and military spouses. He leads a team that designed the processes that allowed the company to deliver that goal 14 months ahead of schedule. Humana has also re-committed to hire an additional 1000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2014. Kevin served previously a Sr. HR Manager and Staffing Manager, Server and Tools Business at Microsoft

More Reactions after reading Dave Mendoza’s white paper on Futurecasting and Big Data:

Dave has always been a visionary in the use of technology and social media approaches as they pertain to recruiting. His recent white paper on Futurecasting and the concepts around using Big Data in recruiting is a perfect example of this.

I first saw this topic when I received his white paper from a friend of mine. That was in the April timeframe and I have since seen several other white papers and presentations on this topic. It has certainly been a topic that was gaining momentum at the recent recruiting conferences that I attended.

Dave does a great job of explaining why we would want to consider using big data in our recruiting efforts, but he also spends some time effectively explaining how I would go about getting started and that is where I feel his white paper differentiates itself from the others that I have seen.

The biggest difference that I found between Dave’s paper and the others that I have seen are as follows:

1) Dave’s paper explains a consistent standardized approach to the concept as it pertains to implementation.
2) It is specific enough for me to actually apply the concepts to my business.
3) It is laid out in a clear and concise way that walks me through the process that he suggests.

I also really appreciated that Dave focused on the tangible outcomes of his approach instead of just focusing on the activities and the philosophy of the approach. Some of the outcomes that really resonated with me are as follows:

1) He focused on the concept of creating “Dynamic Data” that is independent of individuals and that becomes the intellectual property of the organization.
2) His approach takes into account the entire prospect life cycle vs just looking at the candidate once they become a candidate.
3) Dave includes both a short term and long term vision of the impact that his concepts can have on the effectiveness of the activities of the Talent Acquisition organization
4) He also includes a governance model as a part of the framework that the other papers that I have read seemed to underplay or ignore altogether.

Overall, I found this white paper to be extremely well written. It presents a thoughtful and robust approach to the topic that includes a framework that can be followed to implement it within my organization. I feel that Dave further demonstrated his unique talents and vision by explaining why it is important to us now and how we should be thinking about this topic in the future.

He provides a blueprint that I can follow to get my team moving down this path successfully, and that is what I think differentiates his approach from the others that I have seen.


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