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Gerry Crispin – Sources Of Hire: Trigger for Staffing Data Integrity & Credibility

Posted on February 16, 2007
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Anyone who has read this blog knows that Shally and I revere the sage advice and expertise of Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler. I have given Gerry, in particular, full credit for encouraging me to put my strategy proposals in writing and to contribute to the industry in a substantive manner. Shally may be the master of all that is sourcing, but Gerry was the Recruitment Industry’s Moses before Shally became the sourcing guru’s Elvis.

Gerry Crispin and his business partner, Mark Mehler, are the personalities behind CareerXroadsâ„¢ and the CareerXroads Colloquiumâ„¢. Between the two of them, they have worked for more than 50 years in career planning and placement, contract recruiting, executive search, recruitment advertising and human resource management.

Since 1994, these Internet Recruiting Pioneers have formed a thriving international consulting practice that works closely with many of the world’s most competitive corporations to better understand and adopt cutting-edge, recruiting technology solutions to their staffing strategy and process.. They are experts in recruiting technology methods and also known as seasoned speakers around the world on Best Recruiting Practices.

All hail the CareerXroads Colloquium, we are all but students. Today, a few pearls of wisdom from our good friend:
Sunday, January 21, 2007
Sources Of Hire: Trigger for Staffing Data Integrity & Credibility
By THEE Gerry Crispin

Mark and I are in the midst of collecting source of hire data from about 50 large companies for the 6th year. Typically we acquire data on 150,000- 300,000 hires. We push to complete the collection phase of this work during January each year- more to examine the integrity and credibility of the staffing function’s data collection process than to highlight any specific result…or even claim the inviolate nature of the result. Anyone who has read last years’ analysis knows we are extremely critical of the data and the limited conclusions that can be drawn from our study… as well as other studies

Of course this doesn’t stop lots of vendors and consultants who engage us to broaden or deepen our study by asking about their specific niches in the hiring process or, to add additional categories of “vertical search engines” and the like. Sometimes they even argue the issue by pointing to (PR) releases masquerading as studies that quote numbers (typically traffic numbers) but more often guesses as if these “proofs” we’re all we needed to make their “unique and significant” contribution real.

While we would love to include every question and possible cut of source of hire, Mark and I respond privately, enjoy debating the issues of what to inlcude…or what not to. Fortunately, we do not have to deal with even perceived conflict of interest and it is one of the reasons we do not accept underwriting or sell advertising (our business model is tied to facilitating corporate staffing knowledge).

When we begin to look at the source of hire issues each year, we can certainly hypothesize about the hot new tools and channels available to firms to fill their openings but, the operational question is always “Can and do they measure it?” We only include questions that a majority of competitive firms can answer…and even then…

We speak with dozens of staffng leaders privately before we start and are still amazed, even today:
– how little confidence staffing leaders have in their source of hire data.
– how few specific sources (versus categories like “print” or “internet”) are actually collected.
– how poorly the ATS designs are to enable recruiters and recruiting leaders to improve their data integrity (as opposed to how wonderful the reports of fatally flawed data look)
– how few are the firms who can convert traffic to hires
– how no one is able to collect and analyze the synergistic effect of multiple sources of hire.
-how infrequently the self-report data is confirmed or checked by IP source, recruiter inquiry, or onboarding survey.
– how few the firms are that perform ongoing business analysis on their sources and alter their subsequent investments as a result.
– how much data (5%) is missing even among the best of firms.

There are exceptions and many of these are the ones who eventually supply the data we use. We speak with every participant (who publicly remain anonymous) to look under the hood.

We will share what we learn in February and discuss the results on a few (free) webinars that Linkedin, Zoominfo, SHRM and others have agreed to conduct (Only our survey participants will get a deeper level of discussion in a private webinar.)

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