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Getting Your PhD Through the WWW

Posted on October 13, 2011
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If Doctor of Philosophy degrees have one thing in common, it’s that they’re all academically incredibly challenging to earn. And rightfully so – there isn’t much higher you can go on the Alps of academia than a doctorate degree. But as well as being difficult in the sheer workload they present to the aspiring PhD, these pursuits are plagued with logistical dilemmas. Unless you blazed through your undergraduate degree and managed to enroll into your doctorate program before committing to a career or a family, you likely find the idea of fitting graduate school into your schedule to be a daunting of enough endeavor in and of itself. Once you’ve figured out the scheduling problems so you can attend class, that’s when you figure out a way to work the massive amount of paper writing into the holes of free time left over.

But many PhD degrees have another thing in common with one another; they can be gained through online PhD programs. Whether it’s education, psychology, information technology, or healthcare administration, you have an array of further education choices literally right at your fingertips.

Understandably it might sound sketchy at first. You’ve probably only encountered online degree programs on either television in the form of associate’s degree pursuits or in the news regarding non-accredited universities scamming students. But many universities today – and accredited respectable ones at that – are offering many potential students the chance to study for their PhD completely through the internet.

For one, this allows you to be held back by geographical boundaries that would otherwise keep you from looking into a university on the other side of the country. I assure you this will be a selling point of online degrees for years to come. Geographical boundaries by their obvious nature are the most time tested and difficult barriers to work around regarding any facet of human existence. The ability to use electricity and a computer to disregard this boundary, especially regarding education, is stellar in implication. This isn’t a cheesy backend way to get the education you always wanted; it’s perhaps the most forward thinking option out there.

That’s because in addition to the nonsensical nature of allowing geography to hinder education in the digital age, the modern doctorate earner is not doing so on daddy’s dole. More and more professionals are going back to school. More and more parents are deciding it’s time to master something that can ensure their own children get the highest education they want for themselves. There’s not only a huge market of people wanting a doctorate degree through an online program, there’s a huge market of online programs available to those who want them.

Which is rightfully the case, because online programs should be pioneers of diversity in education; they may very well be what does make the demographic of those with a doctorate a more diversified one. If that sounds like a great idea then there’s only one action you need to make to turn it into a reality.


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