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Glenn Says “Hey Recruiting Sourcers, I’m Ready to Give You a Million!”

Posted on August 19, 2007
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by Glenn Gutmacher

No, this isn’t another one of those sourcing challenge contests, but my happy announcement that I’ve exceeded 1 million contacts at 2nd degree in my LinkedIn network. Why am I not touting the 6 million in my total network, instead? Because 2nd degree means that when you connect with me directly, they instantly become part of your viewable/searchable 3rd degree network. And in this business, I find both sides do better with more sharing.

So if you haven’t already (or if you are, feel free to tell a friend), use (so you can invite some other highly-networked folks into your network at the same time — see below) and type my email in the format (yes, that’s Glenn.Gutmacher, but I’m trying to avoid the spambots). Now you should have more people showing up under the "Your Network" tab in your search results, and hopefully fewer "blinded" profiles under the "LinkedIn network" tab.

I was close to the 2nd degree million figure last week but easily jumped it over the weekend thanks to Paul DeBettignies (a/k/a MN Headhunter) who made me "Person of the Day" on Friday, a feature of his "Recruiters On LinkedIn" network on I also want to give props to a few people in particular who have generously shared their advice on LinkedIn to utilize it more effectively (some directly, some indirectly) which has also helped me to dramatically grow my network in the process, though I continue to pick up tips about LinkedIn every day from the voluminous (and growing) range of resources available:

This is not to snub other gurus I’ve learned from in other aspects of sourcing, but in terms of LinkedIn, the above are my standouts. However, Otis Collier’s free LinkedIn how-to video is worth a look, too!

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