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Guest post from Doug Munro “Work It Like You Own It”

Posted on May 6, 2011
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There are times when all of us can get stuck in rote practices. Often we’ve had success doing something in a particular way, sometimes even repeated success, and it forges a belief that the same approach will continue to be successful. At those moments, once critical analysis indicates there is stagnation, it helps to approach the situation by thinking about how you might do things differently if you owned the business. If you’re already in that position I suspect you’d like your staff to approach everything they do from an entrepreneurial perspective.

1. Invest in change. Is there a particular site you’d like to access or a particular resource you think would help you? If you owned the company how would someone have to make the case to you to make these investments? If you can sell the idea to yourself you can sell it to your boss.

2. Flip the script. Do you have a flow of candidates in a particular skillset but they don’t quite meet all the criteria for your immediate opening? If you owned the company you’d see these candidates as assets to be leveraged. If they don’t fit the immediate need where could they fit? Think like an owner and develop a new market for your assets, using your access to the candidates as a sales tool.

3. Change the landscape. If you’re beating your head against the wall on a particular effort and not realizing success, analyze the roadblocks in your path. Are there elements of the requirement you might be able to change to help you find the right candidates? If you owned the company and didn’t like the terms of a deal you’d certainly try to change them. Do whatever you can to modify the situation into your favor.

4. Time is precious. If you’re committing time over an extended period and not achieving a productive result it’s time to evaluate. As an owner how would you feel about your allocation of time? If the current model isn’t working it’s time to shift priorities to better utilize your valuable time.

5. Add value. Everything you do should add a layer to your firm’s image, its branding in the community, and its ultimate success. As an owner you would certainly evaluate each component of your business as a value proposition. Do the same with each element of your recruiting. If it isn’t adding value why keep doing it?

Even if you’re not the ultimate decision-maker in your company it pays to think as though you are. When you truly approach your work from that perspective it is empowering and enlightening. Work it like you own it and you soon will!

Doug Munro has spent more than ten years experience in talent acquisition, beginning with contingency staffing agencies and migrating into corporate recruitment. He is currently the Vice President for Interferometrics, a leading product and service provider supporting mission-critical Defense and Intelligence operations. He incorporates traditional and trending recruitment strategy into a broad-based foundation for the identification, recruitment, and retention of top-tier technical professionals with security clearances. Doug is responsible for all related facets of talent acquisition, staffing strategy, vendor management, partner engagement, and corporate branding.

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