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Happy Birthday Shally!!!!

Posted on November 3, 2010
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Let’s celebrate the birthday of Cybersleuth mentor and and Senior Vice President of Arbita, Shally Steckerl!

To one of my best friends, my mentor and colleague I wish you the best of birthdays… enjoy your day with a nice steak and know you have not only achieved much in your career and given so much to this industry but you are a king among those whose very actions define the true meaning of friendship.

Aside from being an icon in the war for talent, as a human being Shally is one of the most complex, most genuine individuals I have a had the good fortune of knowing. It’s been an education and a blessing my friend.

I invite fellow friends and colleagues to check out his wish list at to make it easy to send a gift and to say thank you for all that he does for our industry!


Starting his career in technical recruiting in 1996 Shally Steckerl has experience consulting with and building sourcing organizations at many Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cisco Systems and Motorola. From early in his career he has developed techniques that dramatically increase recruitment productivity and allow companies to exploit the Internet. He has been teaching those techniques to staffing leaders since 1998. Shally is a proven leader in the development and implementation of Best Practices in Centralized Sourcing and research organizations.

Shally was the Founder and Chief CyberSleuth of JobMachine, Inc. ( the premier provider of sourcing consulting services and research training. During his time with Microsoft he managed the research arm of their global centralized sourcing and research team. Previously, he consulted at Google where he built a central sourcing organization that produced 100 hard to find female Engineering hires per quarter in extremely demanding, technically advanced disciplines.

While at Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., Shally consulted on Talent Acquisition strategy, fulfilling an average of four offers per week in a full-lifecycle recruitment environment. He was responsible for supporting all corporate hiring managers and functional channels throughout North America, staffing an average of 120 simultaneous open positions in a large manufacturing organization with 74,000 worldwide employees. Experienced in enforcing adherence to consistent hiring practices and coaching department managers, Shally is in a unique position to provide consulting on large corporate hiring practices.

During his tenure at Cisco Systems, Inc., Shally was a Senior Member of the eCruiting organization, defining Cisco’s online Recruiting Strategy. There he supported Cisco’s Recruitment Intelligence Operations, responsible for research and development of aggressive tactical and strategic Internet sourcing methods, along with training fellow recruiters on how to utilize aggressive Internet recruitment tactics. Before Cisco, Shally was a Senior Internet Sourcing Specialist with Motorola’s Global Talent Supply Team where he successfully applied his approach in a very demanding technology multinational. Previous to working as a Contract Recruiter, Shally’s clients in the contingency staffing industry included MCI, IBM, Oracle, Digital Equipment Corporation, First American Financial, TOSCO, Cendant, IMS Health, Excel, PepsiCo and Frito Lay.

The advanced methods he practices and teaches have been replicated throughout many large corporate organizations worldwide. With ten years of experience in all aspects of Recruiting, Shally is capable of assessing, teaching, mentoring and implementing successful global Recruitment methods. Because of his passion for the Internet as a recruitment tool and his continually innovative methods, Mr. Steckerl has developed a reputation as an authority in Internet search, and a pioneer in recruitment research. An accomplished author, consultant and trainer, Mr. Steckerl is a frequent contributor to many industry forums and speaker at leading conferences.


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