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Posted on August 31, 2006
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Did you know that Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra broke up after two long years of marriage? Who would ever have imagined these two wouldn’t grow old together and rock on their porch swing speaking of days gone by? I ask if you knew because Carmen is sad. Yes I know she’s a lovely young lady, full of deep thoughts of consequence and her talents are numerous to be sure, but breaking up is hard to do!

Following a photo shoot in the mountain outskirts of Transylvania, Carmen apparently returned to her Romanian summer cottage to pick up her usual 30 pounds of research periodicals. Last night differed however from her usual routine after purchasing a D-Link DI-624M G wireless adapter. Carmen tended to her private musings on nuclear fusion online and was seeking fellow bikini models with likeminded ideas on hard water plutonium versus Propel and came to the conclusion that her lust for knowledge, if not Navarro could be best served by joining Linkedin.

Before she ventured into this social networking environment; as always the case for this perfectionist, Carmen decided to Boolean search on the keywords: linkedin endorsement example

Lo and behold, a twist of fate drew her attention to my Linkedin profile and to Six Degrees from Dave.

She was so impressed she decided to click through and alas …..

(Sound of screeching LP record player here)

Okay, that was my preferred version of events. It could have been Bogdan Illesceu, Senior Analog Designer at Intel Romania, or VP of an Central European Advertising consortium, or Staffing Director at Coca Cola Romania, or a venture capitalist wanting to invest in Six Degrees for Dave(?) 🙂

In all seriousness, today’s post is substantive, minus the titilation embedded in the introduction. Ah, the almighty introduction, yes, the origin by which we meet and establish our impressions and weigh the currency of each unique relationship. For the recruiter, the global audience afforded by personal branding is but one of many advantages in Blogging for Talent and establishing a substantial base of talent relationships. How often have you ventured to guess your name was of interest while web browsing in Romania? I didn’t until I reviewed my Site Meter and noticed visitor #28’s domain name and IP address was a reader from Lasi, Romania.

I ventured further to find the Referring URL Linked to a search engine. Using the keywords Linkedin, endorsement, and example my new, loyal reader, of all things, located an archive link to my Blog site and subsequently laughed, cried, and sung praises (I think) to my witticisms and to one of many of the funny pictures Recruiting Animal designated for me.

I just got the Vegas neon lights treatment in Bucharest starting from a simple, yet brilliantly effective link directing job seekers, staffing managers, and media to my online profile which in turn directs traffic to my Blog.

The moral of Carmen Electra, super model and Hard Water Plutonium scientist meets International Man of Mystery (aka EL Dave)?

Social Relationship Networks (SRN) and personal and/or corporate Blogs are the stepping stones to your personal brand, with digital footprints linking your name, your capabilities, your peers and associations,alumni, charities and your daughter’s birth announcements to your job descriptions, promotions, trade shows and speaking events. The interest rationale to any given linkage or introduction is in the eye of the beholder. The key is how you manage your personal brand and follow through on your relationships. Success is underscored by the mutual benefit and respect you afford to your network and your audience, The conundrum is how few, in proportion to our overall industry, actually recognize the need to educate themselves about the value and the means by which to create a substantial brand despite how prevelant the role of commericial branding, in comparison, effects our day-to-day decisions. Social Relationship Networks & Blogging for Talent are not for convenience sake, they are the interactive bonds which can distinguish your career ladder, create meaningful business relationships and friendships, and your quality of life throughout. In this manner, ask yourself, – is it not time to become an Influencer in the day to day decisions of your employer, clients, and candidate prospects? The tool is at your fingertips.

Recruiters too often greatly underestimate the power afforded by an assortment of off-the-shelf relationship tools which enable us with precision to highlight and broadcast our personal brands within dedicated websites to niche audience realms alike, and further still to broad all-encompassing audiences to highlight thought leadership of individual and shared ideas. Opportunities abound to advocate your peers, and communicate your jobs for hire to anyone who cares to listen (Podcast), view (Webinar/Webcast, Google Video,YouTube) or Read. Be it Shanghai or Bucharest, we have the capability to initiate and extend, regardless of class structure, a truly global audience given the dynamic synergy provided by Social Relationship Network platforms and the Recruitment Blogosphere. Be it OpenBC, Linkedin, Spoke, or MySpace as SRN’s or TypePad, MovableType,WordPress, Blogger, or Windows Livespace as Blog sites – we have a genuine variety of means to introduce our potential employers, employees, and media outlets to our personal contributions and capabilities. And yet we have a mainstream to connect to, embrace, and educate to remodel our own establishment – one that is connected by reference, integrated by variable functions and leveraged by capability.

If you want to be found, there are the means to leverage who, what, and where you will be found – and it is within your grasp to influence the introduction.

Too often we hear that the global village just got a little smaller but in reality, it is because your name was referenced, linked, and possibly spoken – where you least expected it – and that my friends, can be a very good thing indeed if you manage your personal brand and embrace those who embrace its influence

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  1. Robert Merrill on August 31st, 2006 3:22 pm

    I like your thoughts here, Dave. It is rather simple to get connected TO once you get out there. The biggest frustration most people have is that thousands of incredibly-networked contacts don’t call you the day you put up your linked-in profile or post your “hello world” entry on your blog.

    The keys (in my opinion)
    – Create good stuff (profile or blog or both)
    – Read other good stuff and comment on it.
    – Create more good stuff
    – Wait.
    – Wait longer.
    – Repeat.

    When someone is online searching for the ONE THING that YOU DO BEST, do you even come up in the search results??

    Well, DO YA!?

    I sure hope I rank pretty high when people search for utah recruiter or tech recruiting in utah!

  2. Recruiting Animal on August 31st, 2006 4:54 pm

    El Dave, I get hits from far off places but I rarely assume that this means the visitor is interested in me. Usually they don’t even stay a long time. And when they do email me it is usually with a request for a employment that I can’t fulfill.

  3. Dave Mendoza on August 31st, 2006 5:48 pm

    The issue is not whether it is personally advantageous to simply be found in far off hinter lands, but to communicate the combined strength of a social relationship network linked to one’s own personal blog. These are simply vehicles …. a horse and buggy versus a teleporter per se in reaching a destination of your own in terms of reach or being within another’s destination points. The result is the same – your personal brand has extended itself considerably. The key, as communicated, is how you manage your personal brand by leveraging it according to your customized goals. I was found by Carmen Electra via my Linkedin Profile which in turn directed them as a referral link to my personal blog. Hence the magnificence of the age we live in and the tools that about. Do you use the tool to pound a femur on another chimp or do you toss it up high and it becomes a twirling space station? (2001 Space Odyssey reference) …. the outcome will ultimately be determined by demographics driving traffic, the profitability to sustain the supply and meet the demand, and additional interactivity components to smooth the transition into even greater potentials for communicating your brand.

    All I know Recruiting Animal is tat I have no doubt you made someone laugh somewhere on this great big marble

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  5. Jim Stroud 2.0 - I recruit, therefore I am on September 1st, 2006 11:20 am

    Carmen Electra has the hots for Dave Mendoza?…

  6. Dave Mendoza on September 1st, 2006 12:12 pm

    Yes, with a go-tee I got game. It was the summer of 1987, we were young, life was a whirlwind. We laughed, we played, we played with remote control sailing boats at the lake. Ah youth, good times, good times.

    As a family man, I can only kindly defer to Karen M’s depiction of me. 🙂

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  8. Jim Stroud 2.0 - I recruit, therefore I am on September 2nd, 2006 10:54 pm

    The Week In Recruiting *(Reading the recruiting blogs, so you don't have to.)…

    Here are my fab 15 for the week of  August 28, 2……

  9. Greg Le Noue on September 3rd, 2006 12:19 pm

    As usual Dave, you know how to grab an audience, give them something they want, and then turn it around and give them something they need. This is exactly why the phrase, “If you build it, they will come” was coined.

  10. Carmen Electra on May 29th, 2007 7:46 am

    I didn’t get the long post. I think its a couple of levels above normal folk from the US. Maybe talk about how good Carmen looks?

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