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Posted on January 15, 2009
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My HRGuru Profile:
Webvideo on “SixDegreesfromDave”: Don Ramer, “Talent Community Building Leadership

HRGuru announces its newest Partner, “” Each week I will be featuring our renown “SixDegrees Top Ten+” listing of industry thought leaders, sourcing gurus and rank and file contributors who are making a different in the HR and Staffing Industry in a broader syndication via its new content partnership with HRGuru. Being among those featured translates into hundreds of new connections on Linkedin and Facebook, and exposure overall throughout the Staffing Industry.

In addition, I will be sharing our “Meet” series of in-depth stories profiling heroes of the employment industry: innovative recruiters and sourcing gurus that labor every day to devise ways to meet employers’ most pressing demands for talent. Through their stories, I’ll spotlights global staffing practices, leading-edge sourcing techniques and best practices and broaden our collection to include HRGuru’s key contributors who are making a difference.

HRGuru ( is an independently run hub for the HR community. HRGuru is not simply an anonymous job board, not an index of HR agencies and contact information, but something new and different: a place where your lifelong career needs come home to roost.

Whether you’re considering a career in HR for the first time, or a veteran employee, our aim is to serve you. Uniquely. There’s no other place that brings together the tools, information, and community you need to take action on your career aspirations.

Join me in celebrating this synergy by creating your own profile on HRGuru and continuing our evangelism of exponential networking and community building. I created my own profile, and look forward to reviewing your own on!


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