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I’ll Be Joining the Cybersleuth Q& A Team at Sourcecon

Posted on March 12, 2010
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Glenn Gutmacher, Vice President of Arbita ACES recently detailed that a braintrust of over a dozen of the world’s top cybersleuths will be available at not cost, sharing their expertise as they do online mini-presentations to share their hands-on insights on the latest, most productive methods and tools in many sourcing topic areas via live webinar.

It will be an honor to join and share with the sourcing expertise of Amybeth Hale, Dan Harris, Glenn Gutmacher, Jim Stroud, Josh Kahn, Laurie DesAutels, Russ Moon, Shally Steckerl, Steve Rath, Teresa Bustamante, Tim O’Connor, as well as previous SourceCon Grand Master Champion, Mike Notaro and Eric Jaquith.

This is happening only once in 2010, and it’s called the Arbita Sourcing Lab, held in person and online in conjunction with SourceCon on Sunday, March 14 and Monday, March 15. SourceCon is in its first year under ERE’s ownership, with Shally and Glenn also more heavily involved, but you couldn’t swing the travel, cost, etc. So this is your answer!


1) Register ASAP at

2) Login at any point(s) during the hours listed there, on either Sunday (3/14) or Monday (3/15), whenever it’s convenient for you.

3) Check out the expert presentations on various Internet and phone sourcing topics, recruiter/sourcer productivity tips, etc. (times listed at

There will be someone and something new presenter every 15-30 minutes!

4) Ask any sourcing question you like (even if it doesn’t relate to the mini-presentation happening at that moment).

We look forward to seeing you online or on-site in just a few days! If you can’t make Sourcecon BUT you are attending ERE next week, we can likewise have another opportunity to meet in person. Look forward to seeing you or shaking your hands, virtually my friends!


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