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Incorporating Social Media into your Halogen Learning Management Software

Posted on October 24, 2011
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The way we learn is changing around the world. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, institutions as well as corporations offering educational opportunities are looking for better ways to incorporate social media into their curriculum.

Traditionally, learning has been a process by which information was transferred from the trainer to the learner. Learning Management Systems have thus enabled the seamless flow of information from source to end-user.

However, with the advent of social media you can throw a new and worthy element to the mix: having employees, customers and clients interact and engage on a more genuine level while maintaining the integrity and purpose of the learning curriculum. This makes the rate and quality of learning exponential too.

Harnessing Social Media For Higher Learning

While most of the conversation surrounding social media today is about how to incorporate it into marketing strategies, social media has implications far beyond that of branding and creating awareness. It’s about community.

One way to visualize the potential of social media within your company’s learning management system is to look at a platform like Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a public forum that allows the end-user to act as an informational source as well as a user of the database. Using social media, research can be conducted more expediently. It also expresses a major opportunity for open forums and discussions in real-time.

Couple this with an integrated halogen learning management software< suite and you bring all the learning elements together to not only help run operations smoother but track the rate of learning progress to assess what works and what doesn’t.

Implementing a Socially-Friendly Learning Management System

Learning management systems are the key to linking administrative features, general documents, tracking tools and other educational elements into one platform. By adding a social media channel (or several) to this platform, you actually open the door of conversation about the learning, presenting an opportunity for discussion, feedback, and new ideas from your most valuable contributors, those using the system!

If social media seems like a viable addition to your learning management system here a few considerations to help you in the process..

1. Find and partner with organizations that have implemented a shared program that benefits both the sourcing groups and the end-users. Organizations like Mzinga have already found a marriage between social media and learning management software.

2. Browse through reputable technology blogs, websites, forums and reference articles to see what others are saying about any new technology that is in the peripheral view of the organization.

3. Make sure that the chosen learning technology vendor is able to deliver exactly what they promise in terms of social networking functionality for the end-user; else the end-user will turn off.

4. It training is the primary motive for the social media integration, make sure the end-user is fully aware of that and does not try to utilize the technology for anything else.

5. The organization implementing the software must be sure that there is adequate training for the administrators of the learning programs. The priorities they set at the onset will be the true protocol the end-users will ultimately follow.

6. Make sure the learning platform itself is fun, friendly, and attractive to the administrator’s and the end-user’s imagination.

Social media can help support many elements of an organization’s mission. Weaving it into a business’ LMS is a great way to get started.


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