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Inviting Your Input: List Corporate Bloggers Who Attract Candidate Audiences?

Posted on January 3, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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Does your corporate staffing organization have a team of specially trained recruitment blogging Ninjas? If not do you know of any who do?

I know I know you are probably laughing thinking, “Dave even if we had Ninjas we wouldn’t know about them because of their stealth like capabilities akin to wind off the wings of butterflies.” or “Dave, we can’t tell you that, we like you and if we told you our ninjas would have to come to Castle Rock and silence you indefinitely.”

All good points to be considered, that said however, – I actually do need to know, here’s why:

A friend asked me a provocative question I haven’t explored in nearly a year, and its relevance then is as pertinent now given the high level of enthusiasm I have for corporate-side blogging for talent as a best practice.

I wanted to reach out to the audience of “SixDegrees…” readers to share their reviews and identify corporate recruiters who work inside organizations like Starbucks, Microsoft, etc. (the more Fortune 500 the better)

I would appreciate your help in identifying Non-Third party, corporate-specific blogs aimed directly at attracting or retaining candidates. I know there are many corporate side recruiters who have recruitment blogs, including yours truly, – but the lesson to be shared are whether we can identify new and existing corporate recruiters who blog beyond personal branding perspectives in favor of a corporate branding for talent strategy.

Send me an email and educate me. Blogging is a two-way university.

Let me know of a corporate recruitment team, or recruiter, at companies including, but not exclusively ….Whirlpool, Microsoft, Starbucks, or Apple (AND OTHERS) which uses blogging to attract hires among key talent groups.

Also, please provide blogsite url

If so, I’ll mention your name as the source and a virtual high five. I know, I know, I need schwag, someday.

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2 Responses to “Inviting Your Input: List Corporate Bloggers Who Attract Candidate Audiences?”

  1. Bas van de Haterd on January 3rd, 2008 11:30 am

    Hi Dave,

    Well, it’s in Dutch, but is a blog for mainly this purpose. It’s from a small (100 employees) IT company and we (I was part of the team that set it up) made this blog with two reasons. We wanted to show the extreem expertise on software innovation and development within the company to both (potential) customers as well as (most important) potential new employees.

    Although software development is generally written in English we decided Dutch was the right language this time since most Dutch IT related blogs are… in English. It’s a way to get out of the mass.

    I know in the Netherlands Accenture has a blog too, however the reasons behind it aren’t clear to me. But recruitment is most likley one reason to do it.

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