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James Durbin: How Blogs Can Make (Or Break) a Corporate Reputation

Posted on January 31, 2007
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My friend, James Durbin, Durbin Media, SEO & Corporate Blogging Expert has a timely piece on Corporate Blogging, esp. timely given that tomorrow I will begin my Audio Series on behalf of Kennedy Info. (REGISTER HERE)

Text of James Durbin’s Speech: How Blogs Can Make (Or Break) a Corporate Reputation

Social media is the relatively new phenomenon of many-to-many communication, versus the more traditional one-to-one or one-to many communication that has dominated the business world since the first introduction of newspapers. There are many forms of social media: Blogging was the first of these to gain phenomenon status, but in the last two years, social networking sites like MySpace, Online Video portals like YouTube, podcasting, vloggin, viral marketing, and consumer-created advertising have all hit the mainstream. The basic principle is simple – corporations used to craft a message and broadcast it to the general public. This was one way communication, where the message was tightly controlled. Social media is in part a wave of reaction to a glut of marketing messages, but also an expression of the very real need of human beings to share their thoughts, their experiences, and their accomplishments.

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