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Posted on October 5, 2006
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Jim Durbin’s blog, is among my must reads.

Jim discusses the correlation between recruiting blogs and his Linkedin network. When measuring the effectiveness of Online Tools, Jim argues that you need to look at how blogs and social networking software help us make connections that lead to business. His blog and a LinkedIn Connection position a Chicago recruiter for a big payday. Here is my friend, Jim Durbin’s LinkedIn Story:

Interesting side note on LinkedIn. I was connected to a Chicago area recruiter through LinkedIn. He was an executive recruiter, and we talked on the phone a little bit about the brave new world of online employment.

Yesterday, a recruiting manager called me to ask if I knew anyone that could perform a high-level search for a job in another city. I gave him two names – one of a recruiter I know in the target city, and the other the LinkedIn recruiter I had the phone conversation with.

This is a six-figure plus position with a good fee. We’ll call it $30,000 without the specifics.

The question is how to judge the ROI of blogs and LinkedIn for the Chicago recruiter. My blog led me to a networker who connected me to the Recruiter through LinkedIn. My blog reminded the manager that I had recruiter connections outside of St Louis. Due to a mixture of the blog and LinkedIn and a phone call, this recruiter stands to get an exclusive position worth $30,000.

And he didn’t even have to go out and prospect for it.

Just a thought…

How exactly would you track that in terms of blogging ROI? My blogging ledt

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Jim Durbin is the Director, Corporate Communications. He has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, including six years working in technical staffing. Jim is responsible for market research and blog initiatives, helping clients gather valuable information and molding the written message. He also blogs at

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  1. Craig Silverman on October 5th, 2006 6:23 pm

    Jim makes an excellent point. Being a proactive member of the Recruiting & Staffing community via blogs, forums, and social networking is an excellent way to land new business and find candidates.

    Last year I saw a comment note posted on a blog asking if anyone know anything about social networking. I replied to the post and when the person contacted me they told me about the story they were writing for a major newspaper. My quotes were included in the story along with my contact information. The story turned into several new members for the HireAbility Recruiting Network.

    All is takes is an investment of time & effort to reap the benefits. LinkedIn is my personal favorite and site of choice on the social networking side of things…

    Craig Silverman