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Posted on October 17, 2006
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Microsoft’s Sourcing guru and blogger celeb, Jimmy Stroud at Jim Stroud 2.0 gave me the scoop on his latest recruitment blogosphere project – a new website designed specifically for the busy recruiter – “The Day In Recruiting.”

From one page you can scan the headlines of the more popular recruiting blogs, recruiting news headlines, recruiting podcasts, recruiting videos and more. The information updates every thirty minutes, so there is always something new. Set “The Day In Recruiting” as your homepage and use it as a way to quickly (and painlessly) review the latest buzz in the recruitment industry.

“You’ve probably already heard that Jimmy launched a new site. Jim has been working with me for almost 3 years (first at GOOG and now at MSFT) so you can say in “Internet years” – where 3 months = 1 year – we’ve been at it for well over a deacade. During that time he has always experimented with new stuff. Like me, Jim has an insatiable curiosity and apetite for technology, and that is what makes him a Master CyberSleuth.

Or maybe he’s like me in that I’m lazy and always looking for technology to help me do something faster so I can get back to my Xbox 🙂

His new project is a virtual grab bag that displays headlines from the major recruiting related blogs along with photos and video. Its like Short Attention Span Theater for recruiters! More like an RSS reader than, his collection of pre-set “channels” tune you into the headlines of his favorite blogs.”

Six Degrees gives it thumbs up. Now you can save space on your RSS reader for feeds like resume searches and news from your industy!

See for yourself (and help spread the word)!

Go Check it Out! The Day In Recruiting


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