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JobMachine In New Jersey & Texas This Week!

Posted on March 19, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth & Partner, JobMachine

Yours Truly will be visiting the Garden State, in Newark, New Jersey to present on “Guerrilla Tactics for Using Blogs in Recruiting and Sourcing.” I am looking forward to visiting my friends at the New Jersey EMA, in particular, an overdue handshake to Steve Levy, Chapter Communications Director and Mark Mehler. (** Trivia for anyone interested, I was born in New Jersey and this is my first visit since I was 9 years old!)

Shally “Elvis” Steckerl, JobMachine’s Founder, will be the featured speaker at Dallas-Fort Worth TRN’s First Recruiting Conference event on March 22nd to present on “The War for Talent” at the STUDIO MOVIE GRILL – Addison.

Shally and I love to meet fellow industry colleagues to discuss their first hand experiences in the trenches and we welcome opportunities to speak across the country, and globally, to discuss and present on optimizing your staffing organizational resources with Advanced Sourcing Methodologies to Acquire Passive Talent Pipelines.

Send us an email (dave @ and invite us to your next event or perhaps we can visit your corporate headquarters and train your staffing organization 🙂

Note: To our friend Gerry Crispen, safe travels in Australia.


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    JobMachine In New Jersey & Texas This Week!…