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JobMachine Services

Over the years Shally has trained, mentored (and learned from) many successful individuals, and has openly shared his knowledge with thousands of people who would listen, but those efforts have mostly been at the grass roots level.

I have joined Shally, my friend and mentor, as a Partner at JobMachine, Inc. to establish a full service consultancy with no less ambitious goal than to revolutionize the research and sourcing industry. There has never been a better time for us to get involved with building organizational capabilities at an industry level instead of focusing on one company at a time.

The focus of our consulting practice is to add value to our customer’s sourcing and recruiting teams by helping them build organizational capabilities. JobMachine Inc. has been legendary at building architect sourcing and research teams at companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Motorola, and many others.

If you are interested in any of the listed consulting services, call me directly at (720) 733-2022 and we can set up a conference call with your senior leadership to develop a customized proposal that meets your company’s specific needs.

Our primary solutions offerings are as follows:

Knowledge Transfer

Sourcing Academy

  • Build competencies, skills and capabilities through On-Site training labs at your place of business and a customized monthly live webinar series
    Specialized International Sourcing and Diversity Sourcing webinars
  • Knowledge Injection

  • One-on-one coaching via “virtual desk-side” with sourcing team leads and/or senior resources
    Print copies of all current JobMachine CheatSheets made available to recruiters and sourcers
    Access to sourcing knowledgebase
  • Building Organizational Capabilities

  • Consulting on Architectural Design and Re-Engineering of sourcing/research organizations (eliminate bottlenecks, identify and fill gaps, align sourcing resources with the rest of the organization)
    International Recruitment Training and Programs
    College Recruiting Programs
    Advice on Metrics for efficiency optimization and compliance
    Sourcing Pathology & Assessment – 360 degree SWOT
    Technology Selection Services & Decision Support
    Evaluating Recruitment Process Outsourcing and other Recruitment Services Vendors
    Implementation of Employee Referral Programs
    Aftercare & Support
  • Send us an email at dave @ if you would like to explore how Shally and I can deliver any of the above to your business.

    Dave Mendoza
    Master Cyberseluth, Consultant
    Affiliate Partner, JobMachine, Inc.
    (720) 733-2022
    dave AT

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