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JobMatchBox “Top 50 Recruiting Blog (With Links)”

Posted on September 10, 2007
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All Thanks and credit due to Robert Neel and the team at JobMatchBox for compiling an extensive listing.

Jobmatchbox is a employment consultancy and web publishing group with more than 10 years of combined recruiting and technology industry experience. The Jobmatchbox philosophy that “our success is tied to that of our employers and job seekers” is exemplified in its daily business practices and unique organizational culture. The organization is headquartered in Washington, DC. Our business includes three practice areas:
· Operations and Human Resources Consulting
· Recruitment and Staff Augmentation
· Research

Marketing Headhunter
cheezhead : never bleu
Jason Alba
The Monster Blog
Jobster blog
Secrets of the Job Hunt
Six Degrees from Dave
Jim Stroud 2.0 – I recruit, therefore I am.
College Recruiter Blog
Career Hub
the CHAD
Job Search Marketing – Branding For Talent
Director of Recruiting
Hiring Revolution
Recruiting Animal
Hire Calling Blog
Life in the Hive
The Recruiting Edge


The methodology:
1. Include only blogs that have been updated recently.
2. Include only blogs based in the US.
3. Include only blogs where recruiting is a core theme.
4. Include only primary blogs (one or two off blogs that duplicate are not considered).
5. Ranking is based on a combination of Technorati Authority Rank and Google Page Rank. Here is the formula:
(Technorati Rank/100) + Google Page Rank = Score. The page with the highest score rises to the top.

JobMatchBox’s Mission:
To be the premier provider of quality employer and job seeker matching products and services, through mutually rewarding partnerships with our candidates, employers, associates, business partners and the community.


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