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Joel Abraham: A Recruiter’s Perspective on Networking

Posted on September 18, 2006
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MONEY QUOTE:“….it was easier for recruiters to recommend those people with whom they felt comfortable”

I was perusing the weeks insight’s of my fellow peers and I found Joel Abraham’s perspective to be a bulls-eye on the importance of peer to peer networking and building relationships with your employer community overall. I have often said that the relationships you build today in times of excess and glutonney will likewise keep you fed in times of strife. The post Dot Com dive and subsequent post 9/11 crash are memories that do not easily escape me and they are in large part the catalysts for my passion for social relationship networks. Throughout each successive Dow Jones dip … your relationships are an economic lifeline, not to mention the basis of community that lends moral support at the key moment when reassurance meant everything. The person you drink and be merry with today MAY LIKELY be the one who offers the business card to the job interview you schedule the day after. Social networking platforms such as Linkedin, Spoke, OpenBC, JibberJobber and the assortment of other online communitities …..All make it that much easier.

I am sincerely amazed how often this message evades even the most senior recruiters and hence the critical need to emphasize the importance of accepting invites to connect from your fellow recruiters my friends! It’s not spam, it’s a connection worth embracing if a fellow peer reaches out to you.

Joel offers the following perspective:

Building your Personal & Professional Network:

Remember when I talked about how to control the future of your career when you cannot control the business market? Controlling your future begins and ends with building your personal and professional network. In 2001, I started throwing Pinkslip Parties in Wisconsin to help proactive employers network with potential candidates. Throughout that year, I saw approximately 55 people get jobs. Many of those individuals still attended the next event in order to network, even though they had jobs, because they found it to be fun. Yet others did not. Through the year, I saw many people who were laid off 3 to 4 time because of the business climate.

The Pinkslip partygoers who kept networking found jobs right away, and the others who stopped networking had to start all over again. The moral of this story is that the partygoers that kept networking got to know employers and employers got to know them. They felt comfortable with each other and it was easier for the recruiters to recommend those people with whom they felt comfortable. An analogy of the hiring process is that you have one or two dates, and then you are asked to get married. It is a scary process, so the better you get to know the company and the recruiter, the more able you are to make an educated decision. Lets face it, the hiring process in the U.S. considers if they like you first, then whether you can do the job.

The strategy is to develop business networks; associations that fit with your background and the industry you are trying to get into. Do not forget charitable groups, as there are a lot of companies that want their employees, managers and executives to give back to the community.

“I have too many family commitments”. My response is, “you have to make time!” This is a commitment for your future, both personally and professionally.

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3 Responses to “Joel Abraham: A Recruiter’s Perspective on Networking”

  1. Jason Alba on September 18th, 2006 2:50 pm

    Hey Dave, thanks for including me in the list of networking platforms. I have some interesting comments on this social networking thing summed up in my post today about how JibberJobber is an UNsocial Networking tool! I’d love to get your thoughts on this post:!

    Also, the name is a funny one, and could have had origins from jibber JABBER but is really one word, JibberJobber, with the last part JOB not JAB 🙂 I’m not sure if this was marketing genious or a marketing disaster, picking a name like this, I guess we’ll see in a few years!

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  3. Joel Abraham on October 2nd, 2006 3:11 pm

    Hi thank you very much for taking interest in my blogg! I am sorry that I have not updated it fully in a while but I have been working on my and networking!!

    I will write more later!

    Thanks you again and I am glad you liked it!!

    Joel Abraham