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Join Your Peers At SourceCon New York City, February 8-9!

Posted on February 3, 2011
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SourceCon NYC:
February 8-9, 2011
Register today:

SourceCon is back and for the first time ever hits New York City on February 8-9.

About SourceCon

SourceCon originally began as an idea to develop an educational conference uniquely dedicated to internet and telephone researchers, sourcers, sourcing leaders, and those interested in learning more about the art and science of recruitment sourcing. Born out of the necessity to recognize sourcing and research as important components of the recruitment process, and to provide a continuation of knowledge sharing and insight to the growing and diverse sourcing and research community, the SourceCon website was launched after the very first SourceCon conference in 2007 and has been a destination site for information, knowledge, and news for the sourcing community ever since. In the summer of 2009, SourceCon was purchased by ERE Media and the tradition continues.

Join fellow students of the art of the Sourcing craft in NYC for the sourcing conference that started it all. Over three years ago, SourceCon began as an opportunity for the sourcing community to come together in one place to learn from one another, share best practices, and forge relationships that would span the globe. I am definitely excited it will be in the Big Apple!

Nowhere else will you be able to learn from so many of the best and most respected minds in the sourcing profession in one location. Join your colleagues this February to learn about researcher resources, strategic sourcing skills, time-tested team–building techniques, and further your understanding of what sourcing is and how it is evolving.

There’s something for everyone at SourceCon; their speakers are from all walks of life and include corporate sourcing leaders, agency sourcers, solopreneurs, and a few unexpected surprises! If you are in a corporate leadership role, we have a special invite-only event in store for you.

Led by conference chair, renowned sourcing industry trainer, Shally Steckerl, the conference will be held at Comix in Manhattan’s booming Meatpacking District. Shally Steckerl will kick off SourceCon NYC by welcoming attendees to NYC and to the conference. He will recap of what’s been going on in the sourcing world since the last SourceCon event and provide important information and tips for making the best of the conference and the information you will learn. This venue will provide a great setting for learning, sharing, conversation, and fun — the perfect atmosphere for SourceCon to be held!

So managers, bring your teams along with you because there truly is something for everyone at SourceCon. Stay tuned for updates on the agenda and speaker lineup over the next few weeks.

“Tell me, and I will forget – show me, and I may remember – involve me, and I will understand.” -Confucius

Get involved with SourceCon and register today!

SourceCon: Look Beyond the Obvious

In this day and age of information overload, it is easier to skim the surface to get just barely enough knowledge on a topic than to dive deep and gain real understanding. As recruiting research professionals, sourcers are charged with going deeper than that: we must look beyond the obvious to find what we’re searching for.

Possessing data is no longer the advantage – it’s what you do with it that makes you competitive. At SourceCon NYC, they aim to show you some new and interesting ways to find and view data and then put it to strategic use for your organization. Whether you’re a corporate sourcing leader, a solo practitioner, a brand new researcher, or wondering whether it’s time for you to hire one, there will be something at SourceCon for you!

Is Sourcing Different than Recruiting? I think so!

Recruiting is done in some form by everyone; good and bad, but true sourcing is done by few, and done well by fewer.

The traditional way of finding great talent barely worked well enough when the pace of business was much slower, industry and work forces were more loyal, and business trends were easier to catch, follow, and predict. Effective sourcing is the magic behind the big headlines; whether the headlines about your company are good or bad can most likely be traced back to whom you found and put on your team.

We are truly a Sourcing Family, and we are committed to the advancement of sourcing as a global profession. We focus on the critical factors that make up the foundation of effective sourcing through the promotion of continual learning.

The philosophy is that the future of corporate successes will be from those who have mastered sourcing… and SourceCon is guardian of this truth.

The leadership behind Sourcecon are excited that the best and brightest minds in the industry will come together in one place to focus on the biggest recruiting issue that is facing us all today and is only going to get harder in the future – identifying and attracting the right talent.

How did SourceCon come to be?

In response to what was becoming an urgent need in the industry to have a conference that was focused on the art (some say science) of sourcing and talent acquisition – SourceCon was born and launched in 2007. In today’s world where talent is a key driver in successful businesses, there has been a trend towards the specialization of identifying and attracting candidates. This specialized skill is no longer a solely owned function of the full lifecycle recruiters in both agency and corporate recruiting departments.

The sourcer, researcher, name generator and candidate developer have emerged as the new champions to help fight the war for talent. The industry has new heroes whose skills and expertise can no longer be confined to a side track at national recruiting conferences.

Sourcecon intentionally set out to be different from all the traditional conferences. The conference wanted a venue where you don’t have to feel like you are constantly being pitched and sold on a slide deck or discussion by the latest and greatest. It was and is Sourcecon’s intent that you spend your quality time and money on a conference that is bursting with opportunities to learn, share, and collaborate with your peers, luminaries, and industry leaders.

Fellow Sourcers, and enthusiasts of the discipine, look forward to seeing you in New York City on February 8-9 for SourceCon NYC.

Best of all, access the famous Sourcing Labs brought to you by Arbita!

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Have you purchased your ticket yet??? Only 4 days remain until SourceCon 2011.

Meet me at the ERE Spring Conference!!!


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