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Jorrit Blok, CEO of Otys: “Changing the Recruiting Dynamic Throughout Europe” Part 1

Posted on January 30, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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“With OTYS we have changed the recruitment dynamic throughout Europe”

We so often hear the common U.S. refrain that Europe’s staffing tactics and technologies are nascent in comparison. European’s will attest that it is different, as opposed to nascent – a commmunity of nations each with its distinct cultural identity, governmental regulations, and recruiting methods adopted according to each variance. Whereas there are many stripes to this tiger, the characteristics of leadership … of innovators remains quite consistent. I met such an example at ERE Expo in Washington DC through an introduction by our mutual friend, Keith Robinson. Jorrit Blok, has all the features of what a good friend entail, but above all, he has all those alpha qualities of a man on the march. Jorrit, you see, is leading Europe not simply in the evolution of some hybrid of best practices across the Atlantic to create equity – but actually pushing recruitment technologies to a universally held standard of innovation that will bear the test of time and applying it globally. I say this with conviction and I flew several thousand miles across the Great Pond and reaffirmed my initial impressions.

Jorrit succeeds not simply by an expressed ‘vision’ but in his capability to assemble circles of dynamic personalities and implementors, each positioned according to their talents to create and establish – and these are not general overviews. I have sat with Thought Leaders at the table at ERE Global in Amsterdam with Jorrit and what I observed, first hand, is that in both words and action he is the consummate “conductor” whom we trusted throughout the conversation to keep the momentum engaged. Jorrit understands multimedia branding as a subject matter expert, and above all, that “wow factor” which is observed in every product innovation, in every industry gathering, and in every act of kindness.

Jorrit is by far one of the classiest gentleman in the business with a generosity of the Old World one wishes would be held in the New as a timeless benchmark of how peers relate, share, and contribute to one another. It would be enough to say that he surpasses expectations in all industry matters, but what matters above all is that he has the substance of what makes relationships lasting and friendships valued.

The Genesis of Otys

He started early at making an impression. At the age of 10 Jorrit could program a computer in both BASIC and Pascal. Typing the keys of his first computer he was already able to program tests for his father. Today, with still with great enthusiasm he may tell you how simple it was to set the jumpers on a 486 mainboard. His ambition to shock and awe are now reserved for building new weapons in this War for Talent … … and thank goodness he is on our side.

In 2001, Jorrit entered the market with a number of staffing industry software products: HunterHRM, an access based suite for recruitment, Yourit, a broker in recruitment and selection, Yourin Recruitment Network. At the same time he broods on an idea to really being able to change recruitment. OTYS – software that every recruiter in the Netherlands can have on his desktop. He is becoming Europe’s “Q” for the Bond set of recruitment toys with impact and with earnest.

The Otys software suite was developed with several key factors to its advantage for the Dutch market and beyond: inexpensive for every recruiter to be able to afford it; Robust features with enough varied features to be applicable to every recruiter; And transferable benefits to allow recruiters to share information with other users. Jorrit initiates a cooperation with Q-search, an organization where candidates are shared in a network. According to Jorrit that is the most beautiful thing imaginable for recruiters and therefore also for candidates

OTYS has changed the recruitment environment in Europe. Since its initial establishment within the Dutch market in 2001, OTYS has built a portfolio of over 300 customers and thousands of users which serve thousands of candidates. OTYS has offices in Veenendaal (NL), Prague (CZ), London (UK) and New York (USA) and are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and the United States.

OTYS ensures that in the Netherlands every recruiter has an optimized Internet site, which is different from other countries. “We have caused that”, Jorrit tells with an intensity often reflected in mannerisms and the varied projects he has in developed and market launches at any given time. His mission is based upon a genuine love for the business. For changes, improvements and depth. Jorrit wants to prove that it is possible to do it in another way and that it must be done like that. Discontent leads to evolution is his motto.

Recommendations for Jorrit Blok

“Jorrit is an extraordinary person and business leader. He has the exceptional ability to learn from his own experience and through observation. He immediately applies what he learns and adapts at the speed of light. I am honored to have a person of Jorrit’s caliber as my friend and partner. Jorrit knows how to grow and run a thriving business. He cares about his team and his customers. Jorrit is both honest and generous. I recommend him without reservation. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Jorrit Blok make the most of it. He is destined to play an important role in the evolution of the Global Employment Marketplace.” November 28, 2007
Don Ramer, CEO, Arbita

“I can recommend Jorrit for his excellent product(s) but even more because of his personal drive to make it work and customize it into perfection to suit our business model. If you convince him that you are right he will build it within a day!” November 19, 2007. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Olfertjan Niemeijer

“Jorrit en zijn ‘OTYS’ systemen zijn zeer goed ontwikkeld voor de recruitmentmarkt. De lijnen zijn kort en als gebruiken kun je dan ook de nodige invloed uitoefenen op de ontwikkeling van het systeem. Absolute must voor elk werving- en selectiebureau en recruitmentafdeling. Jorrit heeft een heldere kijk op zaken doen en deelt deze graag met mensen die hierover meer willen weten.” August 29, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Igor Van Kaam

“Jorrit ‘s tremendous vision, drive & energy got him within a few years from nowhere into now having a company that’s leading in outstanding E-recruiting solutions. No limits, no borders. As being an out of the box thinker as well it’s great fun and inspiring to have him as an valued sparringpartner, figuring all kinds of interesting angles.” July 3, 2007
Roel Kiers, Owner, Kailash Consultancy
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