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Kennedy Info Audio Event: “Blogging Your Way to Recruitment Success” (This Thursday)

Posted on February 27, 2007
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Audio Seminar 3: Perspectives on the Evolution of Blogs
March 1st, Thursday @ 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST
A 3-Part Audio Training Series with Dave Mendoza

Speakers: Dave Mendoza (Moderator), Colin Kingsbury, Michael Keleman & Amitai Givertz

ONLY $275 – To Sign Up for Thursday’s Audio Conference CLICK HERE:
For more information, to register, or order CD recordings please contact Karen Bison at 1-800-531-0007 ext. 631, or email

And remember, with an audio conference you enjoy:

  • A low-cost training tool
  • A quality learning opportunity
  • Your entire staff can participate for one low fee
  • No lost time from the office
  • No travel or lodging costs
  • Opportunity for questions, and more!

Speakers: Dave Mendoza, Colin Kingsbury, Michael Keleman & Amitai Givertz

Recruitment blogs have been empowered. Participants in Part 3 of this 3-part series will share their hard-earned perspectives on the unique power that recruiters now hold in the conception and development of new technologies that directly benefit practical day to day use.

This event will concentrate on the recruitment blogosphere, the community itself. There will be elements of blogging 101, i.e., widgets, blogging software, the quality of content, SEO, Blogging for Talent, blogging ettitquete, etc. Above all, we will share perspectives on the unique power that recruiters now hold in the conception and development of this medium and how it directly benefits our personal brands in our practical day to day use and the industry as a whole. Blogging as a Tool and the increasing influence of recruitment bloggers – the transition from mere personal journal to industry influencer and stakeholder.

It can be argued that Bloggers are developing an effective consumer voice similar to the type of influence that review panels on Amazon have with their respective niche consumer audiences. Bloggers communicate likes/dislikes of a cultural aspect, or process oriented matter observed at a company, a sector or the industry at large more effectively than, say, one speaker evangelizing for or against at a conference or in becoming a loudspeaker for those on the circuit.

Bloggers can also create free advertising in a very effective and far reaching way for start-up and established companies in the industry, and more specifically, their technology products on the basis of how effective their tools are for recruiters’ ROI. The recruitment blogosphere has helped spawn a more receptive audience among vendors and technology companies who listen to their needs and act upon them to create modifications and offer entirely new approaches that are more user friendly and effective in developing relationships with our clients and our candidates.

There will also be time for your questions!

Join us for one or all!

Colin Kingsbury, Chief Evangelist for HRMDirect

Colin W. Kingsbury has served as Chief Evangelist for HRMDirect since the company’s founding in 2003. Colin brings a lifetime of experience from both in and outside of the software industry, having previously held positions in product management, software engineering, sales, and as a newspaper journalist.

Prior to joining HRMDirect, Colin served as CTO for empolis North America, a division of Bertelsmann AG, where he helped direct the development of the empolis Knowledge Management Suite, one of the world’s first commercially-deployed applications based on Semantic Web technologies. Colin is an expert in knowledge automation, and has consulted on technology and business practices for Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Electric, and the US intelligence community.

p>Colin is a graduate of Tufts University with a B.A. in Economics, and holds a certificate in Mandarin from the College of Foreign Languages, Beijing, China. He is also an Alaska-trained seaplane pilot, and continues to write for several Boston-area publications in his spare time.

Michael Kelemen, The Recruiting Animal

The Recruiting Animal is a full-service generalist, freelance recruiter in Toronto. He confronts the recruiting world as a writer on The Recruiting Animal blog and He has also been a partner in The Canadian Headhunter blog and His point of view is that of the front-line, grassroots, journeyman people-finder.

Amitai Givertz, SVP, Business Development for RCI Recruitment Solutions

Amitai Givertz is the SVP, Business Development for RCI Recruitment Solutions, a provider of recruitment process outsourcing, consulting, training and related services. In this role Amitai has the chance to view the world through the prism of employers, recruiters, candidates and vendors, and focuses on how to improve the experience and outcomes for everyone involved in the process. Amitai writes for RCI on their “blog-enabled” corporate site and is well known among recruiting bloggers for his active participation in the ongoing debate on how social media, networking, transparency and blogging can help recruiters win in the “war for talent”, or not, as the case may be.


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