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Kennedy Recruiting 2008 Conference and Expo * Orlando, FL Nov. 16th – 19th

Posted on November 11, 2008
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Start: 11/16/2008 – 8:00am
End: 11/19/2008 – 5:00pm<


Why You Should Attend

Always the largest, most important event for recruiting professionals, the famous "Kennedy Conference" delivers exceptional value to your career – and your organization

Kennedy's Recruiting 2008 Conference & Expo Orlando is the 17th edition of this highly successful event. Attendees to the conference consistently come away with new ideas, tools and strategies that achieve two major goals:

Upgrading critical skills that boost your career

At Recruiting 2008, you'll get valuable, first-hand insights into proven techniques across a range of critical recruiting activities. These include such skills as:

  • Effective sourcing and recruiting of candidates
  • Interview methods that help close the deal
  • Reference checking that reduces risk
  • Candidate development
  • Passive candidate targeting… and more!

Improve your organization's competitiveness

While you develop your own skills, you'll be helping your company reach its goals including:

  • Creating a competitive workforce
  • Lowering your cost-per-hire
  • Increasing your retention rate
  • Uncovering new ways to shorten the time-to-hire
  • Making your organization an "employer of choice"

PLUS – a schedule of events and a facility that supports the best networking event for recruiters available today! You'll meet, share ideas, and build relationships with peers that share your goals and career aspirations.

The Kennedy events team works tirelessly to create an environment that treats you with the utmost respect as our guest; from top-notch food and beverage, to world-class customer service, our goal is to deliver the valuable (and FUN) conference experience you deserve.

2:40 PM – 3:30 PM (Concurrent session)

In-House Sourcers: Building and Managing a Research Resource
If your organization currently has, or believes it needs dedicated sourcing assets – don’t miss this session! Sourcers, also called researchers, can save big money by pipelining candidates that may never have applied through traditional avenues. But there is a downside: sourcing experts are difficult to find, and retain. This session takes us through how a sourcing guru built and led some of the world's most successful sourcing teams. We’ll uncover how to find, select, hire, manage and lead world-class researchers. Along the way you’ll learn if you need a dedicated sourcer, and if so how many, how to measure the research function, what to look for (and what to avoid) when hiring sourcers, how best to organize your researchers to support your recruiters, and performance enhancers and inhibitors for sourcers.

Presenter: Shally Steckerl, Chief Cybersleuth, Jobmachine

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