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Linkedin Answers: Let’s Ask Kevin Stakelum

Posted on March 30, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza

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We are starting several new features at SixDegrees.. among them a compilation based upon LInkedin Answers often rated “Best” by our friend Kevin Stakelum, a Staffing Manager at Microsoft. The opinions shared are his own, personal feedback based upon his own experience and perspective. We asked him to share as a way to try to give back to the staffing community in a public and (hopefully) productive way. Some of the answers have been rated as being the “best” and some are rated as being “good”, but we appreciate all of them and he welcome’s your feedback.

The topics vary, and have been provided periodically over the past six months. We hope you find this useful.

Today’s questions are basic but instrumental to our candidates:

“What should be the ideal length of a professional resume?”

Kevin: “From a practical point of view, the goal of the resume is to generate enough interest that the company decides to interview you in person so that you can be offered the job. The general rule should be that you try to limit the resume to one page. It is important to remember that the resume is not designed to provide ALL of the information that a company needs about your experience, and so in most cases one page is enough to accomplish this objective.

What does the word “Headhunter” mean to you?

Kevin: To me a “headhunter” is a person who specializes in finding, qualifying and negotiating with specific, unique individuals for specific jobs. This is a specialized subset of the broader “recruiting” industry. A recruiter is someone who is much broader in their skills including areas such as process design and implementation, headcount process consultation, sourcing and screening and any combination of the above.

Do employers generally rely on recruiters’ recommendations?

Kevin:As a hiring manager, I prefer to partner with my recruiter and then hold them accountable for providing screened, qualified candidates for the position that they are filling. Just providing resumes is really not valuable to me and is not what I would expect from a recruiting team. Their value lies in identifying talent and qualifications that would not necessarily be visible through me reviewing resumes.


One Response to “Linkedin Answers: Let’s Ask Kevin Stakelum”

  1. Robert Hughes on April 1st, 2008 10:33 am

    Thank you for the information.

    As a recruiter, how would you proceed with getting resumes that are two or even three pages without a cover letter? My second question is “Is it appropriate to ask for a cover leter if I recieve a resume without one or source them on Monster?

    Thank you for your time!

    Robert Hughes