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Linkedin Answers, “What is the Very Best Candidate Sourcing Training You Ever Had?”

Posted on September 17, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth Consultant, A JobMachine Inc. Affiliate Partner

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Experts are featured on the Answers home page, and in each category of questions. Ted Meulenkamp, Staffing Manager Europe at Agilent Technologies asks a very relevant question. Perhaps my fellow sourcers and recruiters can share their own experiences with Ted on the most effective Advanced Sourcing Workshops? I’d be grateful if you could share best practices

Here’s my contribution today on Linkedin Answers to Ted’s question, I welcome yours:

“Shally’s JobMachine excels because it is taught by someone who has recruited first hand, led teams of recruiters, and developed a central sourcing organization at some of the leading companies in the world (Microsoft, Google, Coca Cola, …) It presents the various flavors that a recruiter utilizes collectively to identify and attract passive talent, from search engines to social networking platforms, to software technologies – it’s not about the silver bullet – its about developing an ecosystem for recruiters. I look at the connection rates of other leading training companies and I notice the disparity between their networking strengths and those of there alumni students and by and far, there is no question that not only do JobMachine Group members on Linkedin thrive in developing networking relationships with key talent families, but they reflect the prowess of someone like Shally who evangelizes and practices what he teaches – 12k+ strong. Shally’s training is career making, the others help you know basics to simply meet a threshold. JobMachine’s methodologies presents skill sets which influence your curiosity to initiate, and gather using different technologies and reference points, the others utilize methods I learned 7 years ago.”

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