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LINKEDIN DAY, Birthday Salute to Glenn Gutmacher, Sourcing Guru & Friend

Posted on May 24, 2007
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  • Today Six Degree …” salutes one of the preeminent sages among the sourcing elite, Glenn Gutmacher. Yesterday was Glenn’s birthday and I attempted to give him a call and extend my best wishes directly, but alas our friend was likely out fishing, sourcing, or on a speaking engagement getting a standing ovation. That said, this is my greeting card, available for public consumption in the hope that his colleagues and friends will remember the day they may have forgotten and will rush with blushing, quality platitudes.

    Glenn is one of the industry subject matter leaders of Cybersleuthing techniques. Glenn is an author, an educator, a trainer, and I am proud to say, a friend. In all things he is innovative and personable. When I started my journey as a Cybersleuth, he was one I contacted when entering a new industry to gather suggestions on niche talent online. As Shally has stated, he is “… a builder, an innovator and a treasure trove of knowledge.”

    Glenn’s areas of expertise extend beyond that of a sourcing guru, cybersleuth, he is also a “Go to” expert in areas of employment branding, corporate career site content, applicant tracking systems, talent management systems, recruiting research, webmaster, e-learning, employee referral networks, and he is an author of one of the leading Sourcing Research sites,
    He also has the distinction of one of the few Ivy Leaguers in our industry. Glenn graduated from Yale University with a BA in Psychology, Organizational Behavior in 1987 – the year he won the Archibald MacLeish / Garry Trudeau Award for creative writing.

    Glenn started e-sourcing at Microsoft in July, 2005 and is one of Microsoft’s legendary gurus at its famed Central Sourcing Organization where he helps Microsoft find those hard-to-find candidates for those hard-to-fill SW developers as well as marketing / evangelist positions, assists with Special projects (backend recruiting functionality, online training for recruiters and employer branding) and Speaking engagements on behalf of company. On a day to day basis, his focus is developing talent pipelines of hard to find software development engineers with C++ (.NET framework a plus) & exp. working through the SDLC (sw lifecycle) developing 1st party software products that actually shipped, esp. related to: Dev Tools, Distributed Systems, Drivers, Embedded Systems, Grid Computing / HPC, Kernel, Middleware components, Mobility, Search, SQL Server, Virtualization, Web Services, in addition to Marketers and Evangelists with deep technical chops (e.g., former sw developers) in any of the above, or at makers of CRM / ERP sw.

    Glenn has been a panelist and speaker at many human resources and recruiting conferences (e.g., featured industry analyst at’s quarterly off-site meeting, 6/02); frequent guest on “The Job Show” (WABU-TV/68), an official Internet recruiting certification instructor for (2000), / Boston Herald (2001) and / Boston Globe (2002) and most recently among the three amigos as a Co-Presenter at the Masters Session at ERE San Diego’s Advanced Sourcing Workshop, joined by Shally and yours truly. He surrounds himself with quality people, in fact, his direct manager was Shally “Elvis” Steckerl, himself and his Director was none either than Rob McIntosh. Both have moved on to greener pastures since their ground breaking tenures at Microsoft. Shally has pursued JobMachine Inc. as a full time thoughtleader and WorkForce Development Consultant, and Rob is a Staffing Manager at Deloitte.

    In his spare time, Glenn extends his prowess as an entrepreneur. He created one of the world’s 1st 100% web-based e-recruiting/sourcing courses in ’97 after founding greater Boston’s first regional career portal, JobSmart, in ’96 for Community Newspaper Co. (later then acquired by Boston Herald). After starting & years of training seminars, I’ve happily put it into practice sourcing at major corporations.He founded which provides Research, develop, market and presents Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques seminars and e-courses in varied formats to associations and recruiters from hundreds of companies of all sizes and industries.

    Everyone Join me in extending Glenn a Happy Birthday by sending him a Linkedin Invitation, Clicking Here and inserting his email, glenn @

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    3 Responses to “LINKEDIN DAY, Birthday Salute to Glenn Gutmacher, Sourcing Guru & Friend”

    1. Rob McIntosh on May 25th, 2007 1:08 pm
    2. Jim Stroud on May 25th, 2007 1:53 pm

      Happy Birthday Great One!

    3. Glenn Gutmacher on May 25th, 2007 1:58 pm

      You are too kind, amigo! I think you deserve the creative writing award more than I did. 🙂 To borrow words uttered by another “sage” you mentioned (Shally), “I stand on the shoulders of giants.” More specifically, my success comes in large part from absorbing and synthesizing information and insights from all the great resources around me to help generate my own. Thank you for being a part of that professional milieu that helps further thinking in our underappreciated niche of the recruiting industry: sourcing.