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LINKEDIN DAY! Invite Anna Brekka, KennedyInfo

Posted on August 7, 2007
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Connect Directly with Anna Brekka, Clicking Here and insert her email,

  • Read Anna’s Linkedin Profile
  • I consider a close personal friend and industry colleague, …. someone I admire in fact. Today I encourage Readers to do me a personal favor and send Anna Brekka an invite, because you trust my recommendation and because you agree that networking with well connected and important staffing industry influentials is a worthy effort.

    ““Anna is the Go-To person for orchestrating issues pertaining to the recruitment world at Kennedy, including conferences, webinars, audios seminars, primary research, advisory, and newsletters. In addition to her dynamic organizational capabilities, extensive intellectual capabilities, Anna stands out within the Conference and multi media circuit for a very rare quality of substance – she listens. You leave the room and a day later she initiates a call with “I thought about our discussion …I have a few ideas on how to implement them.” She is invaluable to Kennedy as the corporate ear to Web 2.0 chatter and creates relationships by bonding with peers in our industry. Anna exudes authority in so many subject areas, and she is one of the classiest women I’ve met. I am proud to call her a dear friend and I strongly recommend her as an industry leader” December 29, 2006,” Dave Mendoza’s Linkedin Endorsement


    Anna Brekka joined Kennedy’s marketing team in 2003. She now leads the conference content and speaker selection efforts for Kennedy’s twice-yearly Recruiting Conference and Expo as well the weekly Interactive Seminars (Webinars) on sourcing, recruiting and retention. Ms. Brekka also supervises promotion and sales for the conferences, the Interactive Seminars and the bi-weekly e-zine

    Ms. Brekka began her marketing career in 1999 as marketing manager for a leading advertising representative for international publications. Previously, Ms. Brekka enjoyed a 15-year career in textile and commercial aircraft design. Born in Sweden, she is a citizen of Denmark and a resident of the US since 1982.

    Conference Production Manager for Kennedy Information, a leading resource for Recruiting professionals. Through a variety of mediums including conferences, webinars, audios seminars, primary research, advisory, and newsletters, Kennedy leverages its 35+ years of analyzing the recruiting profession to bring corporate, non-profit, and third-party recruiting experts together with the latest strategies and technologies. Thousands of recruiting and the world’s leading companies rely on Kennedy to ensure successful souring, recruiting, hiring, and retention processes. If you are a successful recruiter and want to share your views with your peers in the profession I invite you to contact me to discuss the opportunities that might be available. If you or your organization faces a recruiting or staffing challenge, our range of services are guaranteed to elevate your efforts, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    If you are interested in speaking at any of our events or would like to contribute to our newsletters please include the following in your proposal:
    1. Suggested title of presentation
    2. Short description of presentation
    3. Four “take-away” bullet points illustrating what the attendees will take away from your session and possibly implement to better enhance their recruiting strategies/functions.
    4. Your Bio

    Anna E. Brekka
    Conference Production Manager
    Kennedy Information
    603-924-0900 ext 669

    Executive Search Summit 2007 Fall
    October 23-24, at The Princeton Club

    Recruiting 2007 Conference and Expo
    November 12-14, Orlando, Florida


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