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LSF Interactive “How to Start a Career in Marketing”

Posted on March 29, 2011
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How to Start a Career in Marketing

Jump-starting your marketing career can be a difficult task, since most companies want a certain level of experience and expertise. Research marketing programs at universities near you that meet your unique needs, such as online course or flexible schedules. If you already have a degree, it may merely be a matter of gaining experience and know-how to gain company attention.

Here are a few tips to help you in getting your foot in the door and start your future as a marketing professional.

If you’re just considering a your long-term employment goals and getting into the field of marketing, there are a lot of great schools out there that can set you on the right path. The U.S. News web site offers a list of some of the best schools in the country with competitive programs and ranks them by success rates. The reports also gives a breakdown of the average annual salary people make after graduating from these programs.

The world of online marketing is a key resource and essential for any size company to positively promote their brand. Companies, such as LSF Interactive, offer multilateral approaches to satisfying their clients in the form of search engine optimization and online visibility improvement. They connect business to the consumer by emphasizing its assets. Established in 1999, LSF Interactive is a 110-people strong highly responsive technology-enabled online marketing and media buying company. LSF implements integrated marketing strategies that lead brands to dominate their industries by leveraging all Internet channel

A good marketing strategy can often determine the success of a business or company, which makes your expertise a valuable addition to a company. If you don’t have much experience, you should consider participating in an internship or volunteering with a company or non-profit organization. This will offer you the experience necessary to build contacts and resources, while developing key skills to aid in your future advancement. You can also develop some marketing strategies tailored for a business where you’re hoping to apply. Present these in the interview. Showing this kind of initiative can make your interview turn into a job quickly.

Remember, if you are good at communicating ideas, love recognizing problems, and devising strategies to solve them, you’ll do well.

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