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Mary Ellen Bates, “So, In Other Words…” – Translaton Tools in Search

Posted on October 17, 2007
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By Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services Inc.

The need for language translation has increased significantly as a result of globalization, despite the fact that English functions as the lingua franca of international commerce. Translation needs are met by large and small translation agencies, but the web also offers a number of translation sites and tools.

* Omniglot – is a portal listing language- and translation-related resources. For translation, you can access online dictionaries as well as online translation and localization tools, many of which offer some free use.

* FreeTranslation – from SDL International, offers text and web site translation in several European and Asian languages. SDL offers a desktop translation tool for subscription – a good investment if you have an ongoing need for translation.

* PROMT – offers a free translation tool that enables you to translate text, web sites and email from and into English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The quality of the translation is comparable to that of FreeTranslation.

* WorldLingo – provides free translation of up to 150 words for text, Web pages and email covering 15 languages. In addition, you can direct the tool to use specialized online glossaries when generating the translation.

* A very useful website is – where you can download or view language dictionaries. The site lists translation resources, including tools for hand-held devices and free online translation software. The site also offers free human translation for smaller amounts of text.

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