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MEET CRAIG SILVERMAN, HireAbility’s Evangelist for Recruitment Partnerships

Posted on December 12, 2006
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“… and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
Your gonna be where everybody knows Your name”

Watching recruiters who can not understand that half a placement (a split deal) is better than no deal at all for everyone involved, including the client and the candidates are topics that baffle someone’s mind. Who? Someone with a bearded dragon named “Spike” and a corn snake named Berry Bonds, no less, a warm blooded shoulder without a chip upon it, which everyone can rely upon to solve problems, not complicate existing ones. A person that can share your frustrations, and in a public forum, can articulate that dependency of posting jobs & searching in often visited resume databases, precisely, and with motivation, — properly remind you it is a habit deserving of an intervention.

Old school virtues of simply getting on the phone to talk with people, or pulling a chair next to someone is a place where everyone ‘should’ know your name, and where everyone is sincerely glad you applied. This person is Craig Silverman, Executive Vice President at HireAbility and he knows that place intimately and its an industry tethered to his waistline as he lunges forward with all the showmanship we, his colleagues, watch as this ‘big fish’ wades through effortlessly from one speaking engagement to the next. Watch Silverman speak at the podium or working the room … eyes fixed and focused, and if you took notes, you would underline within your scribble, that Craig Silverman has no patience watching industry hacks, who have little or no core training, treat their candidates poorly and deliver low levels of service to their clients. Craig is showman, albeit the preacher, of the personality traits that make a recruiter someone you add to your holiday card mailing list because … they made that kind of memorable impression.

Tall order in my introduction? A lotta hoopla you may say? Is it grandiose chatter when you come to understand that within a decade as an industry player, Craig has been involved in 12 mergers, 2 IPOs, and helped to hire and train over 1000 recruiters? Would it impress upon you the fact that his teams have put over 15,000 people to work and he has generated $500M in staffing revenue?

Craig has always given something back to the recruitment industry and he has always made a lasting impression in doing so. It is for this list of reasons outlined, that Six Degrees introduces an ‘A’ player that recruiters, both experienced and new, are properly motivated to recognize as a person well adept at reminding them why recruiting is fun and why, we as professionals, should satisfy the high standards of core competencies and ethics evangelists, such as Craig Silverman, are determined to hold us to. Craig is an industry player, yes, but as a businessman he believes accountability crosses all areas of expertise.

The people who matter in this industry, who give it ‘pizzazz’ – make the case for their status among peers all the more convincing, because they reflect every facet of the industry as we know it. Read Craig’s dossier of fanfare, and a convincing case is made:

“Good partnerships are all about giving, they usually don’t work unless you try to give more to the other partner. Give and give, and you get and get, but start giving before you can expect to get. Craig has done stuff that I’ve not asked him to do for him that he hasn’t asked me to do…. And that’s the key to success.”
Lou Adler, CEO at The Adler Group

“Craig is one of the innovative people who ‘gets it’. Sharp mind, great grasp of the essentials and somebody you should get to know.”
Bill Vick, Vick & Associates

“Craig has created a community out distinct recruiting elements where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
Steve Levy, Principle, Out of The Box Consulting

“I first basked in Craig’s enthusiasm when I saw him present at a recruiting conference in Las Vegas in 2000. He made a significant impression not just because his magnetic performance created a broadband connection with the audience, but because his passion for leading a recruitment effort was immediately contagious. It was obvious to me that Craig is someone who sees opportunity where others see only challenge and that makes him a visionary, not just a leader. From that moment on I promised myself I would never loose sight of him, and so when he was selected to run HireAbility I knew it would be a wild success before they hired their first employee. Since I first met Craig I have trusted him with my secrets and sought his advice to accomplish my goals, and he has never let me down.”
Shally Steckerl, Chief CyberSleuth, JobMachine Inc.

I just provided a window to three out of 38 testimonials and you can readily observe from Craig’s Linkedin Profile, a consistent view of someone who sees horizons where others hesitate when faced with challenges and opportunities. He meets either scenario with gusto, head-on. But Craig is someone with two feet in the ground, one foot comfortable among the elite when he completed an executive course at Harvard Business School – OPM, and the other steeped in the welcoming traditions of his roots at the University of Texas at Austin. It’s this pedigree of relationships and education that gave his resume the polished touches of such titles as Senior Vice President, IT Services USA at Hudson Global Resources, Executive Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer at Hall Kinion and Vice President, Sales at Strategic Mapping.

What Is HireAbility?:

Today, Craig is building a global network of HR & Staffing Professionals, Independent Recruiters, Corporate Recruiters, Contract Recruiters, Executive Search Consultants and established Staffing Agencies and we know his creation as something catchy and effective, he calls it … HireAbility. See for more info.

It’s about building Partnerships among fellow recruitment professionals. HireAbility is a firm believer in the philosophy that two heads are better than one.

HireAbility members focus on recruiting for direct-hire and contract positions in all major niche staffing markets and geographies. The Salem NH-based recruiting services company teams with several other companies that are both in and outside the staffing industry but for the Independent Agent, Virtual Recruiter, and Corporate Recruiter it’s the OneStop platform of programs, Recruiting (Split) Exchange, Applicant Tracking Systems and Resume Parsing Technology that gives advantage within alliances, a pact among fellow professionals analogous to a GPS for talent with colleagues working together to point the way.

Developing Effective Partnerships:

According to Julie Gordo’s article, “Creating Partnerships,” There are all different types of partnerships: Some staffing companies partner with other staffing companies, while others partner with job boards, background check companies, suppliers, banks, insurance companies, social. networking sites and even software companies. “Partnerships allow staffing companies to grow and expand, and the best part is they don’t have to do it all on their own, they have some help. While partnerships can be rewarding, there also are plenty of challenges that can arise working with another company, for example if the company doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do and fulfill its end of the bargain. Not every partnership works. The key to any partnership is to make sure it’s done properly and that it’s a success.”

HireAbility develops partnerships with staffing agencies, generating revenue for both firms, but Craig emphasizes the benefits of drawing into another company’s expertise, and its customers, and the creation of a recruiter partnering network, or a recruiting exchange, kind of a marketplace if you will, which allows staffing companies, as well as independent and contract recruiters, to partner together to drive their business. The HireAbility network provides access to a large resume database as well as online training such as Webinars, and a Web-based applicant tracking system,. As of today, 300 member firms are participating within the HireAbility network, representing 650+ recruiters. 20 to 30 new recruiters join the recruiter partnering network every month.

Always able to spot a keen eye for synergies, Craig went one step further and developed a partnership with Yahoo! HotJobs, to ensure HireAbility members who are independent recruiters will be able to get preferred pricing on resume database access. The deal also provides HireAbility members with volume discounts when purchasing job postings.

HireAbility partners with http:www.accordingtodannycom, a Cheshire CT based training company. Members in the recruiting network of HireAbility receive a discount if they want to become members of the Danny Cahill training company. Finally, HireAbility has a partnership with Irvine CA-based The Adler Group, owned by well-known trainer Lou Adler. The two are presenting events together and sharing content on their Web sites. Together, Craig and Lou do a lot of e-mail blasts and extensively co-brand each other’s causes, joint events, and audiences.

Getting Personal With Craig Silverman:

Outside of work Craig is passionate about community causes in the local Bay Area. He currently sits on 3 non-profit boards of directors. For the past 8 years he has worked with the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford University, which provides a home away from home for critically ill and injured children and their family while being treated at the Lucille Package Children Hospital. In addition to being the Chairperson for the HR Committee, Craig serves on the Executive Board of the annual, Randy Cross Invitational. He takes exceptional pride in played a role in the opening of a new 50,000 square foot facility with 46 family suites. Ask him about his work there, and you’ll hear the energy and excitement in his voice that mirrors the same enthusiasm he has for his work life. You’d think that he was trying to take the Ronald McDonald house public as his next venture, when in fact it’s just volunteer work.

Craig is a family man, and considers spending time with his wife, Nanette, and their two sons, Clayton (age 11) and Rudy (age 9) a top priority. Apparently, Craig and his wife, Nanette, are on the speed dial of the notables. She served as Executive Assistant to Steve Jobs (Apple Computer Founder) at NeXT Computer and Pixar for 7 years. Over the past six years, his role as a coach on behalf of their baseball, basketball, and flag football teams provides him direct opportunities to bond with his kids. Getting out there on the dirt or the court and teaching kids to work hard along with good sportsmanship is a passion for him. He serves on the board of the Highlanders Little League and acts as the Commissioner for the Minor League. Last year Clayton was voted to the All-Star team and Rudy’s team won the Farms League Championship.

If you ask Craig’s right hand man, Andrew Stock, he’ll tell you that Craig is “absolutely not the kind of guy you’ll find camping in the wilderness scraping together dry leaves to start a fire for making an instant oatmeal breakfast. Rather, he’s more likely to be housed in a 2 bedroom suite on Lake Tahoe with all his meals comp’d by the house due to his absurd luck on the craps table the night before. The only time I’ve known him not to win big on a craps table is when I’m standing next to him echoing his betting pattern.“

(Hmm, I wonder how he would fare against’s Founder, Jason Davis, or ZoomInfo’s Russell Glass?)

Time For Props:

A’ Players have the humility to know that their success is the by-product of those who invest their time, sage advice, and confidence, and Craig is a member of various fan clubs in spirit: “Danny Cahill who pumps me up, Lou Adler who shares his wisdom, Gerry Crispin who keep me focused, Geoff Moore – the Author of Crossing the Chasm, who game me some pointers that I still use today, Steve Poizner the founder of Strategic Mapping who trusted me and supported my crazy ideas, my partner and HireAbility CEO, Steve Kenda who I trust and respect, and Andrew Stock who has been my right hand man for the last 3 years and follows up on every action item.”

“Where Oh Where Can I Know More About Thee Craig Silverman?”:

Feel free to contact Craig by email or to learn how you can participate in HireABility’s Recruiter Partnering Network, call their offices directly at (603) 890-1099.

If you want to learn more about Craig Silverman and HireAbility, there are ample things written for and about both, but for the sake of simplicity you can simply click the following:

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NOTE: Next Profile …. “Meet Russel Glass, VP at Zoom Info & Card Shark Extraordinaire!”

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3 Responses to “MEET CRAIG SILVERMAN, HireAbility’s Evangelist for Recruitment Partnerships”

  1. Recruiting on December 14th, 2006 2:57 pm

    Craig Silverman’s “dossier of fanfare”…

    Bull Doza on The Cult of Craig. I don’t know if Craig Silverman really has a weight problem but Bull Doza wants you to think so describing him as a big fish wading forward with an entire industry tethered not to his belt but waistline. A novel image, …

  2. Sean Rehder on December 14th, 2006 8:04 pm

    I first started having conversations with Craig over a year ago and I’ve had the personal pleasure to sit down and have dinner with him.

    He’s obviously done some great things as a professional. More importantly, though, as a person… I think very highly of him…even from our brief meetnigs.

    The only bad thing I can come up with about Craig is the fact that he let’s Clayton walk around in a Sixer’s jersey…now that’s a shame and border line child abuse. 😉


    Milwaukee Bucks Fan

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